In the Chasidic Village of New Square On January 28, 2003 at 4:00 PM Mr. Zalmen Rosen, 59, and his gentile assistent, Luis Navarro, 30, were preparing to butcher a Carp when, according to the two men, the fish spoke.

This is their story.

"Fish Talks, Town Buzzes"
headline, New York Times March 16, 2003

"Word is Made Flesh as God Reveals a Fish"
headline, Observer March 16, 2003

"Fishy Story Tests Chasidic Town's Beliefs"
headline, Forward March 14, 2003

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Matisyahu Wolfberg Matisyahu Wolfberg

job: attorney

home: New Square N.Y.

Matisyahu is a reputable New Square attorney and loyal customer of Zalmens' fish market. Although he approaches all claims with caution, he is certain that this time God did indeed speak through a fish.

Luis Luis Nivelo

job: Fishmonger

home: n/a

Luis was about to club a Carp to death for a customer's order when the fish spoke to him in Hebrew. Unable to understand what it said, he yelled for his boss Zalmen. An Ecuadorian immigrant, and devout Christian, Luis, a 30-year-old father of one thinks this maybe be the work of the devil.

Zalmen Zalmen Rosen

job: Fish Monger

home: New Square NY

Zalmen is the only person who conversed with the Hebrew speaking Carp. Married with eleven children the 59-year-old is a well-respected community member who still does not understand why God chose to talk with him.

Rabbi Rabbi M. Levi

job: Rabbi

home: New Square NY

Rabbi Levi is one of New Squares' respected spiritual leaders and an administrator of kosher food rules for the community. According to Levi, this is not the first time God has revealed himself in fish form. Furthermore, the spirit inside the fish came to him in dream around the same time Zalmen and Luis had their encounter.

Zev Zev Brenner

job: President of Talkline Communications Network

home: n/a

Zev's show "Talkline" which airs in New York on WMCA- Am (570) is a one of the most popular Jewish Radio programs today. After receiving numerous enquiries from listeners, he eventually discussed the talking fish story despite his skepticism and his inability to coax Zalmen to speak.

Mike Mike Smith

job: Paranormal Investigator

home: n/a

Renowned skeptic and sleuth of the strange, Mike has appeared on Oprah and E! to expose stigmata frauds and claims of the supernatural. He is the author of fourteen books including "Show Me The Proof." Mike's investigative approach leads him to believe that the talking fish of New Square is just that; talk.

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