Comic Con

Come see me at NY Comic Con, and say hi. I’ll be speaking on a panel 10/4 at 11:00 AM at the New York Public Library.

Graphic Novels, Mental Health and the Challenges that Inspire Authors.

Hope to see you there.

Healing and the Graphic Novel

I’ll be holding a workshop at the Women’s Therapy Institute on Saturday October 22. Buy your tickets now.

Yes I am working.

Most of my updates are happening for the moment on facebook or twitter. I will
still update periodically here too and there is a new comic coming. I have the script!

Work continues

Albeit slowly on the new book. Been having LOTS of problems with my drawing arm.


A note to say I’ve been busy writing and rewriting. Working on the new book. It’s taking longer than I expected. On the plus side for procrastination I wrote a new web comic which I’m drawing. So hopefully something new sometime this Summer.

And at last an update

Hi…so an update

first two books have come out with my work in them:

1. Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves
I have an original comic in this anthology. There are several comics in there and many great letters.

2. Comics Sketchbooks: The Private Worlds of Today’s Most Creative Talents
For anyone interested (me!) in how people work. There are LOTS of peeks into people’s notebooks and short blurbs about their thought processes…and mine.

This site is getting redesigned — mostly behind the scenes but there may be some visual changes too.


i am hard at work on a new web comic, working with a programming friend on it. Very excited. progress updates are mostly found
on facebook or twitter. Whichever you prefer.

Brooklyn Book Festival

Sunday Sept 23
Brooklyn Borough Hall Conference Room

3:00 P.M. Creating Comics from Life. A comics workshop led by Tracy White (How I Made it to Eighteen). Using a short writing exercise, teens will compose a four panel comic based on an incident from their past. Ages 12 and up.

This workshop is what I did when I started How I Made it to Eighteen, and is the exercise I use when writing most of my web comics or other comics.

WildCat Con

Heading to Williamsport Penn for Wildcat con tomorrow.
I’ll be there one day Friday April 13 for four, yes FOUR events.
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Comics Editors: A critical element
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Tracy White: Creating comics in digital mediums CC 215
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Author Signing: Tracy White LIB 1st Floor
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
The Comics Feast at Wildcat Comic Con Sponsored by
Get more information here. There is SO MUCH more.

Hope to see you there.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hi, just a quick note to say I’m here and TRACED is still alive, albeit in percolation mode. Yes more comics are coming as is a NEW BOOK. Well, at least that’s what I’m working on. More details coming soon and hopefully a few drawings. I actually have a whole first chapter written and drawn but I have a feeling the whole thing is changing so I’m gonna wait on it a little.

Auf Deutsch!

For anyone in Germany I will be doing a radio interview, in German (yes I speak it, but written German is terrible) on SUNDAY OCTOBER 30th beginning 6:10 – 6:15 German local time on Radio Eins / RBB !!!! And don’t forget to get the German version of the book at your local book store or AMAZON.DE right here!


I know I know, it’s not Winter yet (at least not in NYC) but the site is taking a break while I draw for the next book (Yay!) and take a little time to have a baby in early October. New stuff and news will be back after a shortish hiatus.

Trip To La!

My trip to LA was fast and fun and I’d do it again in a hear beat. Landed Thursday headed straight to the fabulous Encino-Tarzana Library to do a comics workshop for teens hosted by the very kind Candice Mack. Friday was a free day and Saturday was the LA Times Book Fair. I participated in a panel with Deborah Vankin and Kazu Kibuishi moderated by Aaron Hatzler. Also finally got to meet, in person, Cecil Castellucci. I’m a huge fan of her work and she’s the reason I got invited to the festival in the first place. So there it is. What I’ve been up too the past few days.

And now…back to the work. Yup, writing the second book now.


Had a great time at Mocca yesterday. The big new is that…my writer’s block is finally over! Actually as of April 8th 6:45 AM. And it only took oh, three months?. Anyway I’m back to making stories. YaY.

A new TRACED comic

Finally! INSOMNIA, residing on Revolving Floor. Read it now.


Hi. So first off Miami was great, the students at the four schools I visited had great questions, and were very welcoming. So thank you to them. Panels at the fair were fun, and it’s always nice to actually meet the people who wrote/drew the books I’ve read. As you may have noticed the site is on hiatus for a bit while I work out the next book. My aim is to start up with new TRACED episodes in the new year and now that I posted this, I’ll be sure to do it. That’s it for now. If there’s any news between now and then I’ll post it here.

Miami International Book Fair

Yup, I’m heading to Miami. I’ll be speaking at several schools Nov. 17 and 18 and then on two panels over the weekend which are open to the public.

Friday 11/19
10-11:30 AM
Room 7128
Women Making Comics, A New Generation
with Raina Telgemeier, Amy Ignatow, and Tracy White

Saturday 11/20
4 p.m.
Lars Martinson on Tonoharu, Tracy White on How I Made it to 18: A Mostly True Story and Sid Jacobson on Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography
Each panelist presents for about 15 minutes, then participates in a joint Q&A session.


For your viewing enjoyment: The second chapter of How I Made it to Eighteen. And yes, it’s still my voice narrating.

New York Comc Con Oct 8 -10

Yes I will be at New York comic con. Walking around a part of the afternoon Friday and most of Sunday when I’ll be doing a couple of panels and a signing. The details:

A Day in the Studio
Time: 10:45 am – 11:45 am
Location: Room 1A24
Description: Join cartoonists Jane Yolen, Dave Roman, Tracy White, and Matt Madden as they talk about process and their current projects.

Book Signing
Time: 1:00 – 2:00
Location: First Second Table, booth 2314

Comics Storytelling
Time: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Location: Room 1A17
Description: Join Faith Erin Hicks, Carla Jablonski, Tracy White, and Jane Yolen for this panel on the art of comics storytelling.


Fade To Blank: How I Made It To Eighteen
“As a work of art, How I Made It To Eighteen is remarkable in its restraint and starkly beautiful in its execution.” Read more.

Comic or Children’s Book?

What’s the difference? Read my guest a post at Spilling Ink.

ORANGE Concludes

I’ve tried to work out why I had an eating disorder, and there are many reasons. This comic was one of my attempts to sort it out before I wrote/drew How I Made it to Eighteen. Read it now.

Orange Resumes

This week’s update has arrived.


How I Made it to Eighteen is reprinting!


A new installment for your screen.

Next update will arrive the week of August 30th.


Orange update.

Why do I tell stories? It’s all here in the Graphic Novel Reporter interview.

On another note: started writing daily again. This is stage 0 for the “I’m gonna write/draw another book” process.


The mystery deepens.

Going to California

Haven’t been in a few years. Really looking forward to going. Here’s where you’ll find me:


Saturday July 24
3:30-4:30 Comics in the Classroom— Comics are becoming increasingly common in elementary and secondary classrooms. But how can teachers incorporate comics into their course curriculums? This panel provides practical strategies for teachers to do just that. Presented by Anastasia Betts (UCLA), Christina Blanch (Ball State University), Deborah Ford (San Diego Unified School District), and Tracy White (NYU). Moderated by Chris Butcher (The Beguiling). Room 26AB

5:00 – 6:00 Book Signing First Second Booth 1323

This Week on TRACED

Orange you despicable.

Washington Post Interview

Is here.

Too Perfect

Orange update is here.

Orange Update

Flower Power

And now for something completly different…

A book review of Gone With The Wind.

I Want Candy

New ORANGE update has arrived.


See what’s inside the book. This is an excerpt from the first chapter, and yes it’s my voice.

How I Made it to Eighteen, an almost true story. from traced on Vimeo.

Woo Hoo!!!

Book is officially out today. Find it in place like these:
amazon, indie bound, barnes and noble

Orange Update

In the Eye of the Beholder

I Hate You

Where does your anger go?

Mother’s Day

The TRACED way. It’s not hallmark.

Orange Update

Obsessive + compulsive leads to this.


How I Made it to Eighteen will be coming out June 8, 2010. A date that has seemed so far away for so long and suddenly it’s almost here. As of today the book has had three reviews:

More honest than Cut…, more intriguing even than Girl, Interrupted, White’s novel uses stark black-and-white imagery to construct her frank and honest story of a fraught adolescence.”
Read more…

White tells a compelling and highly textured story (based on her own experiences) of learning to adjust to psychotherapy and bulimia in this graphic-novel story of small, angry 17-year-old high-school graduate Stacy Black.
Read more…

Publisher’s Weekly
White’s very simple hand-drawn, b&w artistic style enhances the personal touch of the work, creating the effect of an illustrated diary.
Read more…

And This Week

Working on a new comic, not Orange. This new one is about insomnia. Will have it and an Orange update to you next week.

Orange update

Mother daughter relationship skill #12: Pick your battles.


I will be at Mocca this weekend (April 10 – 11). Mostly you’ll be able to find me at the First Second table with MINI COMICS!!!! I’ve never made a mini comic before. This mini is an excerpt from How I Made it to Eighteen which is coming out June 8, 2010.

On Sunday April 11 I’ll be on this panel at 4:30:

YA? Why not!
Young Adult graphic novels are swiftly gaining popularity among librarians, teachers, and most importantly, young readers! Join Hope Larson (Chiggers, Mercury), Jillian Tamaki (Skim), Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Baby-sitters Club), and Tracy White (How I Made it to Eighteen) for a discussion about their work, their influences, and their audience.
Moderated by The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald.
(All panels are located downstairs in the main panel room.)

It’s Natural

Why yes, it’s real. I just dye my roots.

Booklist Review

Review in 4/15 Booklist (booklist is published by the American Library Association)

White tells a compelling and highly textured story (based on her own experiences) of learning to adjust to psychotherapy and bulimia in this graphic-novel story of small, angry 17-year-old high-school graduate Stacy Black. In addition to seeing Stacy’s world—confined mostly to the residential psychiatric hospital where she is a patient—from her viewpoint, we are provided with accounts by four of her friends: one from childhood, a second from boarding school, another from her recent life before therapy, and the fourth from a fellow patient. Flat black-and-white images are highly expressive of Stacy’s emotions, and the dense text panels and word balloons offer both background and cadence for the narrative. Dedicated graphic-novel readers may need to slow down to absorb the tiny print, but this is nonetheless an excellent crossover title for readers searching for an authentic account of psychotherapy, bulimia, and dealing with weighty physical and emotional issues. — Francisca Goldsmith EndFragment

Blond is Better

This week’s update has arrived. Apply, wait, rinse and transform.

Hair Envy

The first episode of ORANGE has arrived: READ IT!

Publisher’s Weekly Review

Just got another review for the book!

How I Made It to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story Tracy White. Roaring Brook, $16.99 (144p) ISBN 978-1-59643-454-7

White’s story of a 17-year-old girl’s ordeals with depression, addiction, and body image issues is all the more powerful because of its basis in truth. The story follows Stacy Black, whose nervous breakdown leads to her decision to check into the Golden Meadows Hospital for mental health. Given the thinly veiled name of the protagonist, it’s no surprise that White is upfront about the events being drawn from her own experiences. Stacy begins with the simple goal of finding a way to be happy with her life again. What follows, though, is life-changing realizations about her drug dependency, her relationship with her mother, and her insecurities about her boyfriend. In the end, her most unexpected revelation is how serious her body image issues are, how much she’d accepted them as an ordinary part of her life, and how much damage they’ve done to her. White’s very simple hand-drawn, b&w artistic style enhances the personal touch of the work, creating the effect of an illustrated diary. While text-heavy, the narration is clear-eyed and affecting. Ages 14-up. (June)

This one’s not for you

The final episode of OWCH is here.

COVER! A teeny sneek peak.

TRACED update coming week of the 26th.

For this week: The first official review of my book from VOYA.

“White, Tracy. How I Made It To Eighteen: A Mostly True Story. Roaring Brook/Macmillan, 2010. 137p. $16.99. 978-1-59643-454-7.
White’s “mostly true story” begins when seventeen-year-old Stacy Black enters Golden Meadows Hospital in an attempt to feel like herself again—whoever that is. Ostensibly Stacy works toward her goal of being happy again, earning privileges at the hospital and even becoming close friends with another patient. But she moves both forward and backward in her recovery, clinging to an unhealthy relationship with Eric, offering advice she cannot take, and refusing to be open and honest about her thoughts and actions.
Stacy’s story of anxiety, abuse, self-harm, addiction, and depression, is also a story of an interesting, creative young woman and her friends, a veritable chorus that adds perspective and insight into Stacy’s struggles. White’s images are as intense and telling as the written text. Comparisons to Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted (Random House, 1993) are unavoidable: both are stories of self-discovery, memoirs of the female authors’ time in mental health facilities during their late adolescence. Both Kaysen’s and White’s stories are fascinating and frustrating. Most significantly, both memoirs stop short of offering easy solutions to complicated problems. White’s perspective is honest, often unflinchingly and quite unsympathetic to her adolescent self. Still it is made clear why Stacy is likeable and loyal. More honest than Cut (Front Street, 2000/VOYA February 2001), more intriguing even than Girl, Interrupted, White’s novel uses stark black-and-white imagery to construct her frank and honest story of a fraught adolescence.—Jennifer Miskec.

F&$*, that hurts.

Blood and hair in high school. Read it.

Sharing is Caring

This week’s Owch update (memory) was made possible by the kindness of Gail. Thank you Gail. Go on, read it.


A first glimpse of my book and the cover! Short write up by librarian Elizabeth Bird. Scroll down, keep going, keep going…it’s the only black cover fifth from the bottom. Lots of other interesting titles there, I want to read them too.

Homemade Bra

And the Owch update is here.

Am I the only girl this happened to?

This week’s update has arrived. Read it now.

Pandora’s Box

And for this week’s update: You want me to pack what?!

TRACED is back!!!!

Enjoy the first update in a long while.
My ARM got the official physical therapist O.K.
That means I can draw again!!!! Took it easy on this
one. Call it a test draw.

Update on Lulu Awards

While I was nominated for BEST NEW TALENT, TRACED has been around longer than the maximum three years required for this category. Still I’m honored to have been considered and I urge you to visit the nominee page and cast your votes for the many talented people listed.

And Finally Some News

1. MY BOOK IS DONE!!!! As in I’m getting the ARC tomorrow. That’s the it’s almost final but not totally final but good enough for us to print and send out to people to see version. VERY EXCITED.

2. My arm is finally healed. After drawing a lot I blew out my arm again and not it’s finally not hurting…hence the post.

3. That means TRACED will begin updates again.

4. Thank you to the Lulu judges: I’ve been nominated for TRACED. Go here for a complete list. Awards is by votes. SO VOTE FOR ME. And I quote:
Email us with your picks (one from each category) at
along with your full name, by Monday, OCTOBER 19. One ballot per person, please.

TRACED’s first museum

Monsters of Webcomics, at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, runs from August 8 to December 6. TRACED will be part of a virtual gallery in the show. So if you’re in the area check it out and let me know what I’m missing.

Summer Hibernation

Umm…it’s been a while since my last update. Sigh. So here is another: Hard at work finishing the book. Some how time keeps slipping away. Please be patient. TRACED is merely sleeping for the moment but will awaken shortly.

Time for an Update

A couple of things:

1. A new page from the book is up. I’ve had to go back and redraw the first chapter because my drawing style for the characters changed so much by the time I got to the end. Right now the book is 154 pages.

Check out the new page sixteen.

2. Thank you web100. TRACED is on their 21 best
web comics

Arms Race

My right arm is losing. Still have some tendonitis and in the name of conserving this most useful limb so I can finish the young adult graphic novel I’m doing for Roaring Brook Press due in early August, TRACED is on hiatus till the middle of July. I’ll be posting more pages from the manuscript so check back weekly or sign up to get notified.
RSS, email, twitter.


Updates still on hold while the tendonitis in my right arm heals. The good new is it’s healing. Hoping to resume next week.

OWCH right now

Strained the muscles in my drawing arm. Maybe update next week.

That Was Fast

One blue sharpie, two x’s and…

Body Piercing

Read the OWCH update. And yes, it hurt.

And in Update News…

No update this week. Sigh. Next week for sure. Stay tuned when OWCH takes a more pointed turn.

Smoking the ANIMATION

It walks, it talks, it coughs and even inhales…

And the original SMOKING comic.


And who am I (or was I) anyway? Read the new update now.

Update about OWCH Updates

Umm…you guessed it. No update this week. Drawing took a backseat to coughing fits and allergies.
See you all next week same time same TRACED channel.


The new OWCH update is here!

Needle Joy

Read the new update now.

Do or Dye

Read the new update today!

A page from the book

Well I’ve spent the week working on the book and am still far behind so I did not do a comic update.

That said you can take a look at one of the pages here. It’s very much a work in progress.

In Praise of Jah

OWCH update is here. Read it now.


F*#$! Authority: Read this week’s OWCH installment now.

life imitates art

remember how i said i wished i’d broken a bone? well i broke my foot. it hurts. update will be coming hopefully next week. in the meantime think heal the foot quick thoughts for me.

Owch has a new installment

Golden Earrings: read it now

grandma’s are great.

Read the new chapter now.

isn’t that sweet?

Enjoy this week’s chapter.


OWCH has arrived. Story will be updating weekly…well that’s the goal, or the resolution…

Begin at the beginning.

another peek at the book

just uploaded another two pages from my book for you to look at here. work is moving ahead. not as fast
as i hoped but at least it’s going forward.

one hundred and two

I think it’s a happy ending.

Read the final installment of growing now.

TRACED in the news

Check it out: TRACED got written up in the washington post!

Come Fly Away

If things get sticky, move to another country.

Read the latest and almost the last installment of GROWING.

interview on comixTalk

key words: mint tea, christmas 09, serendipity, drawing, technology, comics…and more. Go read it.


it walks, it talks, it vomits, it’s TRACED in glorious black and white.

And don’t forget to read the original GETTING DRUNK comic.

Presto Chango.

And with a wave of the wand watch her disappear…

Read the new GROWING update now.


TRACED has been nominated for an IGNATZ award
Neat! yeah an odd word choice but neat is the first word that popped into my mind (from which corner of my brain I know not). Anyway very happy to be considered.

The other nominees are:

Achewood, Chris Onstad
Danny Dutch, David King
Slow Wave, Jesse Reklaw
Thingpart, Joey Sayers

Also check out the rest of the nomination list (all print) to see what you know and what you don’t. I always find out about new work/artists that way.

when in doubt, fly away

Nothing like a new place for a new lease on life.

GROWING continues to continue. view it now.

back to school

ok. summer is officially over and i’m officially back in action. TRACED will begin regular updates this week. thanks, as always, for your patience. the BOOK i’m drawing has sort of taken over.


it’s friday already…clearly time is moving faster than I am. there is no TRACED update this week. There will be a TRACED update next week even if i have to stop the clock from moving to get it done. ugh.

Mirror, Mirror

I hate them but I can’t stay away from them.

The every growing GROWING continues. Peruse the comic now.

Gone Hiking

Really. And no computer. Next update at the end of July.


The sh*t hits the fan.

Fresh from my brain and right hand to your eyes, GROWING continues. Read it now.

The Glamorous Life

Take a peek behind closed doors.

For your entertainment: The newest installment of Growing has landed. Read it.

The Retrospectroscope

Well that didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Read the new GROWING update. What are you waiting for?!

tick tock

where does the time go? honestly. sorry. i am working on another update but it’s taken a back seat to MY BOOK. yes, the book. it is due fully illustrated to the publisher in december and I AM VERY FAR BEHIND. so that’s where most of my energy is going. that said, i will try and have an update end of this week or beginning of next. thanks for being patient with me.

This Hurts You More than it Hurts Me

Enjoy the freshest installment of GROWING now.

just a wee bit longer

i know i know, i’m late with the update! it’s coming next week. what can i say except umm, thanks for your patience.

The Glass is Half Empty

The latest Growing installment has arrive. Check it out!

This Sucks

View the new GROWING installment now!

Metal Mouth

A new GROWING chapter for your viewing pleasure is here! Enjoy.

update on updates

TRACED is on a brief hiatus, weekly updates will start back up in the few weeks. In the meantime enjoy the TRACED comics that are here now.

Bone Breaking

The latest GROWING update is here. What are you waiting for? Go read it!

Does the Shoe Fit?

Check out the new story update for GROWING now.

Short and Sweet

A new GROWING update is here. View it now.

Or begin at the beginning.

Ummmm, I don’t even know what to say…

Achievement or abomination, you decide.

Happy Friday

The new GROWING update has arrived for your viewing pleasure.

This week: small is great.

Read it now.


let the episodes begin.

check out GROWING.

it’ll update weekly…comic gods willing.

read it now.

new comic coming soon

yes it’s been a while since i’ve posted — TRACED lives…new comic will being at the end of this week. stay tuned.

Evolution Update

Evolution reaches its natural conclusion.

This week: what if?

The longest comic yet on TRACED has fully evolved. I am working on another story and will have it up soon. I’ll keep you posted on the progress so check back or subscribe to the TRACED feeds for automatic updates.


if you have kitties, or even just a kitty….

watch this

Fresh Update Now!

Evolution keeps moving

This week: How to hide from life.

This marks the second to last update before EVOLUTION is finished. Hope you’ve been enjoying it and, as always,
thanks for your patience between updates!


EVOLUTION continues:

Previously: With one mean look, the teenager destroyed me.

This week: I love you, I hate you.


been trying to update today but having some tech problems so please be patient. i’m trying to figure them out. evolution is officially wonky. hopefully will have this all resolved if not today by, gulp, friday. wont have a chance to work on turkey day going to visit family. by
the way, have a nice thanksgiving if you do anything for the holiday.

NEW COMIC: EVOLUTION, update eight

Previously: riding the public bus admiring a teenager, something i wanted desperately to be.

This week: thou shalt not covet false idols

read it now and leave a comment later.

update on updates

Evolution update coming next week! finally. sorry for the delay…wasn’t able to do much because i was working on my book. i sold a book (yes a graphic novel) to dial press and deadlines are approaching.

Akk it’s october!

ummm…so things are moving slowly…still haven’t updated EVOLUTION but i will. please be patient!

it’s almost here or there

posting site today…as i said below there’s stuff still being worked on but if i don’t get the new TRACED up, it feel like it will never happen. perfect is overrated anyway. a few of the comics are not yet live, but will be soon. and more little changes will be happening in the next few weeks.

and a TRACED thanks to mark the techno meister with super human programming skills: without you this wouldn’t get built.

hope you like the site.

fall fashion in stores now

this month: TRACED has a new look. if anyone finds something not working PLEASE let me know.


  • Oct 4, 2018

    NY Comic Con


    Graphic Novels, Mental Health and the Challenges that Inspire Authors

    11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


  • How I Made It to Eighteen - By Tracy White

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