Unaccompanied: Stories of Brave Teenagers Seeking Asylum

Life at home is so unbearable that these kids will risk their lives and face colossal challenges to escape to the United States and find safety.

This book tells the true stories of five brave teens fleeing their home countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guinea, on their own, traveling through unknown and unfriendly places, and ultimately crossing into the US to find refuge and seek asylum. Based on extensive interviews with teen refugees, lawyers, caseworkers, and activists, Tracy White shines a light on five individual kids from among the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors who enter the US each year. In stark black and white illustrations, she helps us understand why some young people would literally risk their lives to seek safety in the US. Each one of them has been backed into a corner where emigration to the US seems like their only hope.

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Publisher:‎ Street Noise Books (20 Junio 2023)
Language: English
Hardcover: 168 pages
ISBN-10:‎ 1951491203
ISBN-13:‎ 978-1951491208
Reading age:‎16 years and up
Grade level: 10 – 12
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 11.1 pounds

S.Mirk Author Guantanamo Voices: True Accounts from the World’s Most Infamous Prison
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Unaccompanied powerfully shares the heart-wrenching stories of teenagers who fight to find homes free from violence. These are stories of resilience, survival, and family that every reader will feel in their bones. It's a crucial resource for all people, but especially educators who are looking for ways to make the human impacts of U.S. economic and immigration policies crystal clear to their students."
Christina Romero
Christina RomeroSenior staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society and advisor to the Juvenile Rights Practice on immigration matters
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These are stories of young lives of tragedy, resilience, and transformation that seem incredible yet are heartbreakingly common. Revealing that the myth of an American Dream reserved for the few.”
Danica Novgorodoff
Danica NovgorodoffIllustrator of Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
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Diligently researched and deeply moving, shining a light on the often-overlooked human side of America’s asylum and immigration system.”
Zach Weinersmith
Zach WeinersmithAuthor of New York Times bestseller Soonish
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Please read this book. It shows us in painful and beautiful detail what it really means if we close our doors to even one person."
Pamela Jackson
Pamela JacksonComic Arts Curator at San Diego State University
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This is a narrative we desperately need. Recentering the story of migration to the US away from politics and onto the intimate lives of these vulnerable and courageous teen refugees and their families. A powerful and meaningful read no one should miss!”
Hope Larson
Hope LarsonAuthor of All Summer Long
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Here we see the full, devastating power of comics. These images and stories will remain with me, and with readers, longer after they put the book down.”
Myfanwy Tristram
Myfanwy TristramEditor of Draw the Line
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An essential read for the modern age, shining a light on the often-unseen challenges of child migrants.
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Protect Immigration Rights

Our immigration system needs an overhaul you can helpensure the every person’s legal right to seek asylum is honored and protected. Tell congress that Immigration reform is a priority.

Every human has the right to seek safety.



There are many organizations that support Unaccompanied refugee minors, and you can support them with your time or by sharing your specific skills. There’s ALWAYS a way to help.

These dedicated non profits are all places I worked with when researching Unaccompanied. They are filled with incredible humans (superheros) helping unaccompanied refugee minors and other asylum seekers daily to stay in the United States. Of course there are many more places across the U.S. than an internet search will help you find in your area.



If you’d like to help children in other countries receive education and community support School the World, which also partnered with me on Unaccompanied,  is an organization that does just that.

Other organizations I know (didn’t have direct contact with)  that provide extraordinary help and services for unaccompanied refugee minors are below