Comic Con

Come see me at NY Comic Con, and say hi. I’ll be speaking on a panel 10/4 at 11:00 AM at the New York Public Library.

Graphic Novels, Mental Health and the Challenges that Inspire Authors.

Hope to see you there.

Yes I am working.

Most of my updates are happening for the moment on facebook or twitter. I will
still update periodically here too and there is a new comic coming. I have the script!

Work continues

Albeit slowly on the new book. Been having LOTS of problems with my drawing arm.


A note to say I’ve been busy writing and rewriting. Working on the new book. It’s taking longer than I expected. On the plus side for procrastination I wrote a new web comic which I’m drawing. So hopefully something new sometime this Summer.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hi, just a quick note to say I’m here and TRACED is still alive, albeit in percolation mode. Yes more comics are coming as is a NEW BOOK. Well, at least that’s what I’m working on. More details coming soon and hopefully a few drawings. I actually have a whole first chapter written and drawn but I have a feeling the whole thing is changing so I’m gonna wait on it a little.


  • Oct 4, 2018

    NY Comic Con


    Graphic Novels, Mental Health and the Challenges that Inspire Authors

    11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


  • How I Made It to Eighteen - By Tracy White

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