tracyTracy said:

Hi. So first off Miami was great, the students at the four schools I visited had great questions, and were very welcoming. So thank you to them. Panels at the fair were fun, and it’s always nice to actually meet the people who wrote/drew the books I’ve read. As you may have noticed the site is on hiatus for a bit while I work out the next book. My aim is to start up with new TRACED episodes in the new year and now that I posted this, I’ll be sure to do it. That’s it for now. If there’s any news between now and then I’ll post it here.

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Nancy said:

3:48 PM

Hello. this is probably *Off-topic, but I couldn’t see where else to contact you. My name is Nancy Matos and I work for the Miami Dade Public library system. I had the privilege of attending a workshop where you were one of the panel members. I spoke to you after the event. We were trying to get more YA authors to come out in the fall and have presentations for Teen Read Week, and I was hoping you could be one of them. Can you tell me what would be the cost? Thank you for your time.