tracyTracy said:

Why was she turning orange? I had to find out.

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Catherine Filloux said:

11:36 AM

Great to meet you and to be in touch. I love your work and your website. Cat.

LB Lee said:

11:24 PM

Hi! I do comics on mental health stuff too, though I mostly focus on multiple personality. I’m in ED recovery too. Weirdly, I’m actually relieved to read this comic, because nobody ever talks about the turning orange thing! (I turned yellow myself.) Does anyone know why it happens?

Carry carlos said:

5:32 PM

i literally applied peroxide before reading this. i feel awesome:D
this story reminds me of myself at various points. i love it! these stories are so intriguing!

tracyTracy said:

7:45 AM

Hi Alison,
I really appreciate your kind words and for writing about what you’ve experienced. I wish i’d written about my anger instead of taking it out on myself, way healthier.
I am working on something new, another book. It’s going slowly though. And I have another web comic in mind, you are inspiring me to start writing and drawing to put it up there. Thank you.

Alison said:

3:28 AM

Like many others, I loved your book. And as for dealing with anger/fear/sadness… for the most part, in all honesty, I just kind of avoid anything that would cause it (i.e. stresses, such as academic ones, etc.), but to a fault. Or I write about it–either in my own voice or in the voice of a character in a widely different situation than mine. I sometimes lash out, but I’ve kept that to a minimum for a while.

Anyway, thanks for letting us see your life in your comics. I love your work, and you’re really, really insightful. I can’t wait to see another piece by you. I do hope to see you published again as others have mentioned. This is just great.

ravi said:

3:42 PM

I happened to come across your book at work…I was teaching a class and then I saw this book (YOUR BOOK) laying on the bookstand and so I decided to read it to pass some time…I could NOT put it down…I didn’t do much work later on. I actually did not put it down till I finished reading it. it was funny, sarcastic and realistic. I felt proud of you to be able to write and illustrate what you did. I can relate to some of the things you did. I can’t wait for your next book! you are gonna write another, aren’t you? lol… – Recovered *bulimic, anorexic and self injurer six years stable. (sometimes I still do it but not as bad as it used to be). I still got a big butt, haha…~Ambulances~

Dr. Psycho said:

3:29 PM

I used to deal with my anger by seething with quiet resentment and feeling very pleased with myself for not blowing up in screaming indignation. Also by blowing up in screaming indignation.

Later, I spouted off with the first offense or irritation that presented itself as though that were the sole cause of everything wrong with the world. That didn’t work out very well, either.

These days, I speak up when something irritates me*, but I try to be specific (“What you said hurt my feelings”) rather than universal (“You don’t care about my feelings”). And then I think about what is bothering me and why**, and decide what I should do/say about it.

You know, by writing this down just now, I think I got a clearer picture of what I do/did and how they work/don’t work. Thank you for asking, Tracy.

Oh, one more thing: My hair went from red to brown in adolescence, and at age 50 I still miss the color I used to have, but every attempt I have made to color it, even with professional help, has been disastrous. It’s turning white now, and I’m hoping I will like that better.

*Which resembles spouting off, but is more effective.
** Which resembles seething quietly, but is more helpful.

Christine Whitifll said:

7:07 PM

wow… I NEED to share this.

tracyTracy said:

8:28 AM

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your words, they made me cry. I am so glad you felt like you could open up to your counselor and that your counselor is someone you can open up to (it’s not always the case).
I hope you keep talking.

Sarah said:

12:14 PM

My abusive father just left us three months ago and my mom enrolled all of my siblings in counseling, and I was slipping back into feeling emotion, which was something I always tried to keep myself from doing. My boyfriend noticed this and found this book and gave it to me. That’s how I found this website. Thanks. It’s helped me alot.
As for expressing anger and emotions, I’m really bad at that. I cut myself, and I started becoming anorexic because of all the abuse I’ve dealt with from my dad and mom and other outside people. It was how I delt with my anger, and any other emotion I felt. If it hadn’t been for your book, I don’t think I would have ever opened up to my counselor and told her these things. Thanks so much!

Sarah said:

12:10 PM

My abusive father just left us three months ago and my mom enrolled all of my siblings in counseling, and I was slipping back into feeling emotion, which was something I always tried to keep myself from doing. My boyfriend noticed this and found this book and gave it to me. That’s how I found this website. Thanks. It’s helped me alot.

tracyTracy said:

10:45 AM

Hey Kendra, I’m glad you posted. I was having an off day today and your words have put me back on track. Thank you for reading and stopping by.
Hope your sister liked the book.

kendra said:

10:15 PM

Whenever I’m having one of my off days I usually go to the bookstore, huddle over to a corner and just start reading/skimming through random books. It gives me some time to relax and think and just escape from my life.
Today I had one of those off days (my shitty friends and judging mother) So I went to Barnes and Noble and came upon your book. The cover really struck me and after reading the dedication for your mother; I laughed out loud and decided to check it out.
& I loved it 🙂
This book was definetelly one of the first that kept me going from start to finish. I guess it’s because of your illustrations as well as the raw and honest dialogue. I ended up buying it as a gift for my sister, who really needs people like Ashley and Stacey in her life right now. She would greatly appreciate it.
But yeah, looking forward to reading more books from you. I’m glad you’ve entered my life right now.
Much Luck.

tracyTracy said:

3:06 PM

Hi Hailey,
well you might go and see what the counseling is like and if you feel safe talking to the counselor — safe as in they will keep things confidential, they are really and truly listening to you and not just the idea of you. I feel like i did not talk to anyone and when i did I usually lied. make that always lied. I think if I’d tried telling the truth I might have gotten out of my mess a little bit sooner.

jj said:

2:43 PM

found this today by chance… beautiful and funny… bittersweet too… thank you for sharing.

Hailey said:

4:48 PM

way wrong ways. i have clear anger issues and an anxiety disorder. i need help but i feel weak for not dealing with it on my own. my parents signed me up for counseling and I’m so nervous to go….can you please give me some advice?

Jonathan said:

2:07 AM

Awesome story! I loved the “4th wall” stuff at the end with the doctor. Very funny.

tracyTracy said:

12:28 PM

Hi Shankar!

Thank you for reading and letting me know. You just made my day.

Shankar Narayan said:

12:40 AM

Hi Tracy,

I have been following your comics and love them.

Ali said:

11:41 PM

I Usally Skip A Few Meals Run, Dye My Hair Or Self-Harm. Its An Addiction I Deal With In Therapy.

Carson said:

9:23 AM

I always keep a little anger close to the top, it helps me get through dishes and the like.

Elizabeth said:

4:20 PM

I eat and eat and eat…

Mego said:

11:23 PM

I remember Blond-In! It never worked on my hair and all it really did was make it smell funny. After a while I went the other way and just turned it all black. Good times…

uk hound said:

10:34 AM

whoa… how’d your mom like you with no hair? word in the UK is that your upcoming book rocks!

Mark said:

10:04 AM

thanks for my first good laugh of the day.

tracyTracy said:

3:53 PM

my hair is finally not dyed…so dishwater blond or light brown. Gail’s hair was never dyed. still a blond.

thumpie said:

4:39 PM

wonderful!!! quick questions, what color is your hair now, and Gail’s?