tracyTracy said:

natural selection is harsh, especially when it starts at school. i wrote EVOLUTION after seeing a girl i’d made fun of in fourth and fifth grade when i was walking to the store. of course being the adult i am today, i ran across the street so she wouldn’t see me. this comic is my way of figuring out why i was mean to her in the first place.

what do you hide behind?

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tracyTracy said:

8:43 AM

Not too long at all…thank you. not sure if it’s helpful, but i’ve found the the expectations that i felt everyone was placing on me (while there) were in large part the expectations I was placing on myself in the quest to be perfect. As some point i realized perfect wasn’t as important as just creating, and making things. if that makes sense. although i’m still really scared of failure.

Alison said:

3:40 AM

Just the comic I was looking for. I found panel 61 to be especially powerful. The outside doesn’t always match the inside… very true.
Well. I hide behind pretending to be intelligent/intellectual/fashionable/unique/etc.; I pretend to be confident, to be a “leader”, to know what the heck I’m doing, and yet, I’m really just fearful of disapproval, and a horrible procrastinator and I have no idea what I’m doing in life, hardly at all. I have a lot of those same fears that you depicted: of not being good enough, of failure… And some part of me wants to tear down the image I’ve built up and disappoint and anger everyone who expects me to be something, and at the very same time, a part of me is desperate to maintain the mask.

I hope this isn’t too long.

Torin said:

9:19 PM

I hid behind a straight face, crossed arms, and a cold over analyzing mind. add that with a buzz cut and a less than level emotional state = loner.

(least I was never that angry scitzo redhead. (sorry bout the steriotype))

thank god for books and the ability to zone out anything…

nancy said:

2:51 PM

I love the green monster who is hiding behind the shut door:Do Not Open. When writing is a way to let others in and not to keep them out. I think it’s called a double bind. Heh Heh

me said:

2:27 PM

really wonderful, I had no idea how you would get back to Mendel.

laura said:

10:14 AM

i hide behind my hair. it’s down to my waist. i love my hair but i also know i rely on it. people always comment and i like to be noticed but it’s not really for me, it’s for the long wavy dark blond tresses. i’m scared to cut it so i guess i’ll keep hiding.

Fleur said:

9:42 AM

Yes i think people wear masks too.

pamela said:

3:25 PM

Boy, do I know what you mean about hiding behind masks or maybe that’s behind personas. Most people think I’m this hilarous sort who’s got it mostly together. I do a good job of masking how I really feel…..daily. Sometimes I get tired of hiding, but I’ve been doing it so long I’m not sure I can change it. Also, I’ve also suspected most people wouldnt’ like the “real me” anyway. Funny the mind games we play with ourselves.

Thanks for the comic!

tracytracy said:

3:13 PM

hi, just want to say thanks for all the comments on EVOLUTION. glad you like it.

Lizzie said:

1:48 PM

I found out I was adopted at 15, my mother and I had a huge fight and she said “I wish I never got you!” Well, I had always wanted to change my height, my weight,my hair color and texture, my boobs, and my butt, because I didn’t fit in. I was short, round and pale being raised by skinny, tall and dark. No wonder I wanted to change.

golden girl said:

11:58 AM

i hide, or i hid, behind my bangs. that way no one could see my eyes. it was the only way i could survive. last year i cut them to above my eyebrows it was liberating.

markai said:

6:43 AM

I’ll admit it now, I used to bully my little brother. But I like to blame it on being bullied previously by my bigger brother (those bad bullying genes). Plus, I now know so many nice people who at one time took their anger out on siblings… could it just be a “stage”?

Nancy said:

7:52 PM

What is a Bookmark, or what does it do? I’m curious, do your episodes pull confessions out of anybody else? (which does imply that I can remember one time when I was about 8, when I did bully somebody. I’m still ashamed about it, because the girl cried. And maybe I did want to see what her reaction would be. But I think it had more to do with being more powerful, or bigger somehow than she was. and we were best friends in 4th grade. I must havebeen a rat to do it. It wasn’t anything horrible, but… Maybe people want to tell some bad thing they did, even if it was a long time ago, because if they tell then it’s behind them.It’s over. Maybe that’s what Confession for the Catholics is really about–recovering from whatever you did. On the other hand who could possibly forgive me? I don’t think forgivedness is at stake.This is also 95% true.

cowgirl said:

10:19 AM

hiya…nice story. will check back.

cybele pascal said:

5:50 PM

I would change my freckles. Other people think that’s crazy, they think my freckles are cute, but I hate them. I have tried all sorts of creams to give me freckle-fee skin, but nothing works. I know they
come from my father. I inherited his spots. But I would love to have an even complexion. Oh well, i guess it could be worse, I could be covered in warts! Is that something you inherit?

GeRome said:

3:01 AM

I would (will) change my mind!

LOVE the new site! How about a new traced tee with: BEFORE on the BACK(http://www.traced.com/2007/09/14/panel-012-9/) and AFTER on the FRONT(http://www.traced.com/2007/09/14/panel-013-8/)

nancy said:

6:21 PM

It’s Nov. and I’m pretty sure your story keeps on, but somehow it doesn’t (or won’t)on my laptop today. Shoot! Heck! PHOOEY…

apollo said:

5:40 PM

This isn’t a girl only issue. Guys do it too, although they may include a punch with the laughing!

justine said:

4:34 PM

hey tracy i like the new site. works fine on my computer. nice to get a new update. hope the next one is quicker though.

Markai said:

6:00 AM

Yeah, I definitely think that acne is wrong — what was up with that? Though maybe it does help toughen up…

mamo said:

10:50 PM

I remember by first genetics class too, I was all over that stuff and feeling kinda cheated I didn’t get some of the good stuff. Wide heaps and flat chested, what’s up with that?