tracyTracy said:

In fifth grade my best friend turned on me. I still don’t know why.

What’s your “Why” story?

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Linds said:

2:03 PM

Why do I have acne, not just on my face but acne scars all over my body I get large like cysts, when they go away it leaves a horrible scar,I hate acne and scars are worse. Ihave been dealing with this for over 5 years and it gets worse as I get older. Why? I hate it so much but I wont take accutane because I have heard such bad things about it. I also heard marijuana produces testosterone in women and causes acne, I dont know if this is true, but acne really ruins my life on a daily basis.

Anonymous said:

11:24 AM

my parents got divorced some years ago. my best friend started to grow apart from me. i didn’t know why. i was a little kid. i clung to her, tried to seem like one of the ‘cool kids.’ but she just didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. one day, we were outside and she said, ‘My mom told me that I can’t come to your dad’s house.’ and that was that. oddly enough, i invited her (and all the other girls in the class) to my birthday party a couple of years later. the gift that she gave me rang so true to my personality that i can’t help but wonder how she could know me so well and still do that to me…

arielle said:

10:08 AM

humor can really make yourself and others feel better. it takes time for us to realize that we must simply accept who are, because deep down we already know. i sometimes want to be friends with people i know i will just get in arguments with, but it makes me feel alive. i loved this comic, it made me feel alive without fighting.

lizzy said:

10:08 AM

i was horribly teased and never ‘in’ with any kids during the hard teenage years cause i wore weird clothes and had my own thing going plus uhh growing into your weight doesn’t really rock either..and my mom’s wonderful phrase.:well,honey if they act like that they are not your real friends anyway’

what? gee thanks mom when i was being called stupid or something worse i was thinking could these people not be my real friends? ha ha ha

but it was wonderful reading a story that reflects on the girls(us) that got the bum rap one fatefull day. but you know in the long run we are the coolest cause all the other kids that made fun of me ended up getting the bad end of life! so we got the last laugh!

freak outcasts from grade school unite! viva la traced! and many blessings on the weird grrl! cause we rock!

Raina said:

10:07 AM

little girls can be mean. have you read Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye? that book is basically about 10 year old girls being very very meant to each other. there’s a part in there about how there was this group of girls, and every week they would decide to turn on someone in their group. for no particular reason.

anyway, i really like the comic!

Nostalgic said:

10:06 AM

Kids can be cruel, but so can teens, and adults. This has happened to me when I was in grade school, when I was in College, and when I was in the work force.

Why? Because.


Cortney said:

10:06 AM

I was and still am the outsider. I am a 15 year old in the 10th grade who weighs 202 pounds. It is very difficult. Every since i was little i have been picked on for one thing or the other till in 4th or 5th grade i developed an eating problem that developed to hypoglucose a form of diabetes. I have never gotten to see what it is like to fit in and sometimes I think i never will. I have problems with depression and often have sucidal thoughts. My parents don’t understand that when i’m depressed the best thing is to be left alone. My doctor even gave me a prescription of flexerail. (I don’t know how it is spelled.) Other than that I am considered to be a very intelegent person not only by my peers but also by my teachers. I have an IQ of over 140. But I would give it all up for just a week of fitting in and feeling good about myself. I am at this time I’m trying to lose weight but I am fastly giving up. In a school where you are fat at size 9/10 and 140 pounds I am extremely obese at 17/18 and 202 pounds I am constantly critizied. And having an intelegence over most the seniors dosen’t help.

Tess said:

10:05 AM

Isn’t it amazing when someone describes something they felt as a kid and you know exactly what they mean even though back then you thought you were the only one in the world who’d been there?

Lynlee G. – whose note from the 6th grade I still have, the one where she said ‘Smile, because you’ll always have me to talk to, you’re my best friend ever’ – who in the first week of 7th grade decided I was hindering her grand plan to ingratiate herself with the popular kids, and one day at school looked right through me like I wasn’t there and never acknowledged me again… God, how I tortured myself over why I wasn’t worthy of her friendship all of a sudden; hatched useless plans to ‘win her back’; and finally just gave up and tried to forget that she and I had ever been close. Yeah – good times. =)

At any rate… your comics and your insight are excellent and I’m enjoying the hell out of them – thanks so much for publishing this site!

Khang said:

10:05 AM

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the point where I could see how I hurt people!

I had also gotten picked on for my weight in middle school and so to make up for the pain I teased other people about their insecurities. Though I was harsher on them, than others were to me I still did it, only cause it made me feel better. I have now learned to love myself for who I am (and have also lost weight) and now I have learned to treat people in the best way possible. I thank you for giving me a dose of what life was like for other’s:) Thank you…

joanie said:

10:04 AM

That was great Tracy. I was overweight as a youngster(and I still am as an adult), and that comic was really touching. I was always excluded from groups because of my weight.

The sad thing is, I was never even really that big! I love that you are a successful writer now. I hope Andrea reads your comic, and that you haven’t changed the names to protect the guilty!

J said:

10:04 AM

Read your story (well your comic) and ‘WOW!’ Growing up, I was the biggest geek (well…I still am) and somewhat transformed into a swan in high school (wow..people notice me…) and then became very very lost as to who i really was after getting sucked into the wow-you-are-pretty-so-you-must-be-cool-come-be-just-like-us crowd. After college, boys, boys and boys…and then hitting 22… i have come to a stopping point. I have let silence, laughter, reality and myself take hold of everything i am (both the good and the bad) stopped asking why…and am beginning to understand the awkard girl that still lives behind the makeup:) Thanks for your comic!!

Thumper said:

10:03 AM

I liked Ms. Barker’s glasses!

Barbara said:

10:03 AM

The same thing happened to me in 6th grade. It was very traumatic.

Similar situation happened in 9th grade. In 10th grade, I got invited into the group that ostracized another girl. I was thrilled to be among the in-crowd for a while, but realized that it was wrong. I could not remain aloof from the tears of the girl who got picked on. I felt empathy for the first time in my life. It is a feeling that has surfaced many many times in my life. The lesson in empathy came at a cost, but it was worth it.

Sophia said:

10:03 AM

reminds me of so many things while I was a teenager!

Thank you for making me see that what others think about you doesn’t really matter.All it takes is having one person to truly believe in you as in ms.Barker case!I’d love to see more of your work


R said:

10:02 AM

I just read your comic, and I had to write and tell you how much I loved it. I too was an outcast, at school and even in my ‘Christian’ youth group. It’s amazing how cruel kids can be. I especially empathized with your mention of the party that you weren’t invited to – been there, done that. Now, as a fairly stable 32 year old, I still remember so many moments: sitting alone at a table at a miniature golf course because none of my ‘friends’ had room for me on their teams, or sitting alone at a McDonald’s because there wasn’t any room for me at my group’s table, and on and on. My worst year (6th grade), I also had a wonderful teacher who helped me get through. I will always remember what she wrote in my class book at the end of that year: ‘I love how you dare to be different! You will make a mark on the world for sure.’ So thank you for ‘Traced’ – I’ll keep a look-out for the next issue.

s said:

10:02 AM

You are awesome, and should publish lots of comic books to help others know that the trauma we experience as kids makes us stronger and the kids that are mean are not worth paying attention to. Adreas of the world are silly, insecure and asleep. I hope you experience much happiness and success!

If you run out of trauma stories let me know, I have a bunch to share…mildly abnormal and loving it,

hollie said:

10:02 AM

Just finished reading your comic/story — took me back to grade school when something similar happened to me. Maybe all girls go through this at one time or another. I, too, read many a Judy Blume book. And I searched for the ‘Why?’ — what it took me years to discover (even today some times), is that all I really need is within myself — the strength, confidence and faith that drives me — I just have to reach in and not be afraid of others not liking me.

I found your story wonderful — wonderful because you beautifully illustrated the point that one person can make a difference. I hope you continue to write your stories.

wendy said:

10:01 AM

Boy did you hit it on the head! They ‘WHY?’ game sucks! I had a similar experience in college with my roommate. Someone told her some lies about me and rather than talk to me or listen to me, she believed them and never spoke to me again. Even a year later when I saw her she refused to even acknowledge my presence in the room. I don’t know what she was told but I had to just give up and realize that this was her choice and I could move on.

Kimberly said:

10:01 AM

Yup… same thing happened to me in elementary school and carried over a little to junior high… It was the worst in the sixth and seventh grade, but thankfully it got better with time, although I never was elected to a school office or invited to anyone’s parties. If it makes ya feel any better, I have had even a couple of boyfriends do that same thing to me… one even ruined my job (l-o-n-g story!)! But hey so far it has been all good in the long run. 🙂

pokes said:

10:01 AM

hey tracy, great to see this new comic! its weird when someone just changes like that. its happened to me too. i bet that most of the time it is for some reason that has nothing to do with the relationship.

Be said:

10:00 AM

Kids can be so incredibly mean to one another! I gotta wonder what Andrea was really up to. Maybe your pony tails were too tight! Also wonder if I treated someone else that way without knowing it. Funny thing is that I am a mature adult and went through a serious bout of ‘why’ just last week over some silly work thing.

RL said:

10:00 AM

Hey– this is great! Sadly brings me back — about time you came out with a new one!