tracyTracy said:

I thought i was cool until someone told me to inhale. i don’t smoke anymore, but i used to smoke. first benson hedges ultra light 100’s then, american spirit and then i rolled my own.

this is the second webcomic i ever made. and like “getting drunk” it was drawn on vellum then scanned in.

got a smoking story?

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rena said:

2:57 PM

when i was thirteen, i used to sneak out at night and smoke my aunt’s cigarettes. when i first inhaled, i got this weird high and i forgot about everything that was bothering me, i swear it was amazing. i just didn’t like the burn in my throat sometimes.
i still do it to this day.

Neal said:

3:38 PM

I thought your comments or dialogue was great! Your artwork was very good, as well! Keep up the good work!

Sharon said:

12:00 PM

Me? Okay, this is different. I’m a 36 year old (MTF) pre-op transexual. I started smoking when I was 11 year old boy. Why? Because I wanted to be like my mom and she smoked. When I was 13, she gave me permission to dress like a girl and smoke like a woman. I guess you could say I’m just like my mom now.

Ms. MM said:

4:48 PM

I like my singing voice and skin clarity, so methinks I’m gonna avoid smoking and such.

audrey said:

9:03 PM

ok so my mom ha sben smoking ever since i was 3.I am 16 now and hope that she will quit to be able to see the grandchildren…tracy pls help!!
p.s i love ur site!

Addie said:

5:33 PM

I started smoking regularly when I was 11 and never looked back since. Now Im 17 and I cant imagine my life without my cigarettes, they are such a huge part of who I am I dont think I will ever quit. Lately Ive been chain smoking almost 2 packs a day, which I know is alot but Im so addicted by now, its not like Im ever going to be able to quit, even if I wanted to.

When I have to go someplace I cant smoke, I cant stand it and Im always thinking about it, wishing I could have another cigarette, it drives me crazy. I know its like bad for you and all and I know it sounds ridiculous, but I could totally see myself smoking like 3 packs a day or more and loving it; there are just so many places that dont allow it, its a total drag. Still, a girls got to have dreams right?

ex smoker said:

9:36 AM

smokers are weak , we all have vices and are strong enough to stop. no excuse for people without will and i have no pity for those who can’t motivate themselves. healthy diet and exercise yuoun lazy lot.

Lindsay said:

8:43 AM

My uncle has been smoking for 20 years. When he was 20 years old he had to get his jaw reconstructed due to mouth cancer. They took pieces from his hip to make this hip. He couldn’t eat for 2 years, he had to be fed through a tube and a year after he had to get his food from liquid because he couldn’t chew. He currently has lung cancer with a new born baby and a 20 year old daughter. His 20 year old smokes constantly and is homeless due to her wiped out wallet. My uncle is in the hospital right now.

Lindsay said:

5:07 PM

I started at 12 and quit at 27. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, I hate them, they make me ill, and I wish my bf would quit. He has been smoking over 25 yrs now! And he seems like he cant quit now, I hope one day he will… soon.

Nancy said:

12:34 PM

It’s a great drawing when you and your pal, Gail, are casually leaning back smoking! First you try to look older and sophisticated. Then you are. Well, older.

Keith said:

8:06 AM

I started smoking at school when I was 14 and now I can’t stop. I have to have my smokes now-it’s no longer a choice for me.

heather said:

9:25 AM

I am 13 and I smoke Salem Green Label 100s, about a half pack a day. I LOVE to smoke, specailly the first one in the morning. i started when I was 10 and inhaling when I was 11. I go CRAZY at school each day then I go home and have 2 or 3 in a row.

Liz said:

9:44 AM

I remember sitting on my friends roof at night and shareing the few ciggerretts we stole from her brother, and driving to the city park at 3a.m. after speech tournaments and chainsmoking with my friend Steve. Im not glorifying the habit, but theres something about lighting it, and holding it, and well…calming down. I plan on quiting before i have children and to my credit, i dont smoke infront of children period, but for now, im a stressed out college student and hey, everyone needs a crutch, at least mine is legal.

jeanne said:

9:43 AM

i dont have a smoking story……..and im glad of it too. i know a few people who will spend a lifetime of misery because they were reluctant enough to open a pack……. smoking is DUMB; one of the dumbest things you can do.

its like commiting suicide……….slowly

dont smoke……….

its not worth it

somehow, jeanne

savanna said:

9:43 AM

i started smoking with my friend..and i liked it and i kind of still do it sometimes..

nichole said:

9:43 AM

memories. when we were ten, my cousins, leilani & naomi, and i stole a pack from my uncle. we would smoke in their bedroom out the window to practice. then, we’d take them to the mall, chicken out and end up smoking them in the bathrooms at toys r us (before they installed smoke detectors). we eventually got to where we would start smoking at amusement parks to be cool. we’d hook up with boys and they’d be grossed out by the taste. i was 12 when i quit smoking for good.

john somebody said:

9:42 AM

(memories of a father and mother)

photograph: newlyweds lighting each others’ cigarettes.

a dark room, urgent quiet voices, two orange red glows.

mom’s lit cigarette touching me, burning me, when she pulled me onto her lap.

mom sweeping the floor, cigarette in her mouth, ashes spilling.

knocking over an ashtray.

the plastic covers on dad’s photo equipment, stained dark yellow.

the grey-yellow apartment windows.

the yellow streak above the ashtray in the car.

the yellow fingers.

the endless raging cough.

the hospital.

the surgery.

the end.

Amanda said:

9:41 AM

I started smoking when i was 8 and i am 15 now me and my friends always watched others so we wanted to try and like a stopped for years well from 9 to like 14 then i stared again i am not addicited bt my friends smoke so i see them and i do it but i am not really gonna smoke my self to death cause it’s not the right thing to do …………… Guys smoking is not a good thing i now realized that and i am not trying to smoke anymore but ya know you see your friends and you just jon in

tracyTracy said:

9:41 AM

I had my fisrt smoke in year seven with my best friend. We used to steal my mums smokes. I remember smoking two rollies at once and getting such a bad head spin that i fell over and ripped o hole in my pants. That was prettyfunny at the time. We continued this into highschool and it became a habit for me when i was about 15. My friend stopped though cos her boyfriend wouldnt let her. i still smoke occasionally now (aged 18)but only when im out with other smokers, nothing like i used to

Mango said:

9:41 AM

Cool story!! I first started smoking at age 13, with friends after schooll. Now after 16 years I want to quit but is hard. I have seen changes on my body because of smoking weight loss, skin problems and also every thing I wear smells like cig yuck…… I’m ready more than ever to stop.

Thank you.

tracyTracy said:

9:41 AM

It is sad that our decision on smoking from start to end is so influenced by social norm. Be cool or be healthy. Is so shallow. Smoke as well as other substances human beings have always used for pleasure now are part of this social psyche that changes from time to time. My only grudge with smoking is that it can take me to the grave earlier and make me and my family suffer. But what’s life anyway 😉

UFKitty79 said:

9:40 AM

i smoke. i cant quit. i know i should but i cant even try. i dont do it to look cool either. i’m 22 and i smoke. all my friends say i am beautiful and should not smoke cause it will make me ugly. christy turlington smoked…she still looks beautiful. but she quit now i guess, and says smoking is ugly. yeah it is.

sandilicous said:

9:40 AM

i also started smoking for the ‘cool’ of it. all of my friends smoke. but i oh so want to quit. I thought i could never get addicted but man i am and i wouldn’t recommend smoking to anybody.

tracyTracy said:

9:40 AM

well i quit about 3 years ago when i was in spain. cigarettes were real cheap, in i smoked 2 packs a day, so after 3 weeks of that i woke up needing a smoke badly, and not having any, and at the same time i knew i was going to puke if i had one more cigarette, so i just quit.

cig girl said:

9:39 AM

great story…i have to admit that i still smoke when im out with friends and there’s nothing like a cig after a really good meal…thanks for bring me back.

Jess said:

9:39 AM

I think it is ok!!!!!!!!

~blood rose~ said:

9:39 AM

I really liked your story. If no one else caught some of the symbolism you put in the images, just remember that i did.

I have a similar story, as do most kids who begin smoking. It took me seven years to quit, but I have been tobacco-free for six months yesterday. I’m not even having nic-fits anymore.

Zabrina said:

9:37 AM

i stated smoking because my friend does. one day at lunch time she went to her house and started doing it. last year i have seen all my friends do it so i did it too……..i kinda liked it i don’t no if im going to keep doing it……..probably not! hey atleast i triend something new and made a good choice!

tracyTracy said:

9:36 AM

Although I don’t smoke (I quit a long time ago), and I hate to have others smoking around me, I can’t help accepting that a smoker’s look is really cool. I don’t know why, but it is, at least for me. Maybe when they start to make a cigarrette that doesn’t kill (and doesn’t smell so bad), I’ll start to smoke again.

Doctor Doom said:

9:36 AM

Although I don’t smoke (I quit a long time ago), and I hate to have others smoking around me, I can’t help accepting that a smoker’s look is really cool. I don’t know why, but it is, at least for me. Maybe when they start to make a cigarrette that doesn’t kill (and doesn’t smell so bad), I’ll start to smoke again.

Besides, I don’t think nobody has a true right to critizice smokers. Everybody has addictions, from sweet things to TV to pizza to nail-eating… Who is morally clean to throw the first stone?

yakov chodosh said:

9:35 AM

wow great comic. wonderful. the ending was like getting hit by a car. like the others, i do hope you eventually quit, though.

Livie said:

9:34 AM

Hey,i smoked alot of times and i think i am addicted but that doesn’t stop me from doing what i luv to do.

ValleyChick! said:

9:34 AM

Hey, Smoking is like WAY kool. I like do it all the time!! My first one was when i was 11. I was like give me one more!! It made me feel like so totally awesome!! I like almost coughed my lungs up but i thought it was like kinda kool! My friends b/f was like laughing at me and everything but i laughed with him!! I t was like sooo funny!! Anyways you know what i have been like playing around with you guys I really dont smoke and never have and never will! Lik SMOKING is bad for you guys DON’T do it!!Plz take my advice Well i have to go for now!! Well like PEACE OUT!!:)

Jennifer said:

9:34 AM

All you comics are way cool, but did you ever stop smoking? I hope you did. Smoking is horrible when you get addicted and can’t stop. Personally I’ve never tried and never plan to.

tracyTracy said:

9:33 AM

The comic was great, but did you ever stop smoking? I agree with Bec, if anyone I know were to start smoking or do drugs, I wouldn’t hang out with them anymore. People think they look cool, but is it really cool to put a peice of paper that’s on fire in your mouth? Is it cool to die early? I don’t think so. Mitch, any kind of drug is wrong I can’t beleive you are arguing which is better. BOTH of them are terrible

Bec said:

9:32 AM

I hate it when people smoke. It is so nasty. Everyone in my family smokes except me and my brother al. But my dad, mom, older brother rob, his wife and al’s girlfriend. People can smell their cigerets on my clothes. My teacher thought I smoked, I told her it was my family but I don’t think she believed me. Me and al both have asthma, his is worse than mine and it is very hard to breath in our house. I think it is so uncool to smoke, you look so stupid. You are killing yourself if you smoke and the people around you. I try to stay away from people who smoke or do any kind of drug. I even tell my friends that if you start smoking or doing drugs I do not want to be your friend no more. But it is very hard to stay away from my family, when the start smoking I open the front door, put the fan on and walk out of the room. It is funny to see my mom sit there and smoke and say ‘smoking is bad for you, you should never start smoking.’ What a great romodle. I love my mom but I hate the fact that she smokes. I really dont think you should smoke, it makes you look so stupid. You are wasting your own hard working money to buy something that can kiil you. That is so stupid.

tracyTracy said:

9:32 AM

I remember my first cigarette. A whole bunch of us were wandering around, and Gordo pulls out a pack (he chainsmokes…idjit) so I say, gimme a drag or two, buddy. I did, I inhaled, and unlike previous times, I was quite surprised when I DIDN’T feel like coughing up my kidneys when the smoke hit my lungs. I was even more surprised as I started to feel all woozy as we finished it off. Kinda like bein stoned, it was. I had never realized that nicotine did THAT. Yeah…so…this isn’t going anywhere. Have fun scoffing at me.

mitch said:

9:32 AM

bleh weed is much more healthy than ciggs quit ciggs and smoke weed ;>

lakshman said:

9:28 AM

hi, i love my girlfriend very much and i want to have a long life with her…and every once in a while she smokes a few cigarettes…in the morning she says she wished that she had not smoked them…i have not said anything because it is her choice but i want her to know that i notice and i care about her health and sometimes i worry because i do not want her to do anything to hurt her beautiful body…what would you do?

tracyTracy said:

9:27 AM

Tracy, Great story! It reminds me of the first time I tried smoking when I was a kid. The pool man would come every week and smoke while he worked. He’d leave his buds on the ground and afterwards I’d pick them up and use the filter to attach to my own ‘home made’ smokes that were made up of different kitchen herbs and notebook paper.

tracyTracy said:

9:27 AM

Almost as good as Getting Drunk, but I had a different experience… Um, untill the why dont you inhale part. Thats the part where I choke to death and vow to never smoke again… Cigarette, bad..
(:::::::___________________) ~~~~~~~~

Laura said:

9:27 AM

Hi! I’m Laura, and I loved your comic on smoking. I thought it was hilarious about Gail’s brother telling you guys to try inhaling. Keep up the good work!

smokey said:

9:26 AM

I smoked thinking I was being rebellious; then I realized I was only just killing myself.

tracyTracy said:

9:26 AM

you comic reminded me of when i first started smoking…soon after that i got my liscene and
i remeber driving around with a cigarette in hand thinking i was finally free.

derhong said:

9:26 AM

I don’t smoke because my father smokes too much!