tracyTracy said:

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Allanah said:

12:26 AM

Thank you very much for fixing the comic! It was a good read, I enjoy all of your comics and am very excited for your next book, your first one really helped me out when I was going through a rough time.

tracyTracy said:

1:11 PM

Loser is FIXED! Read it now

tracyTracy said:

7:57 AM

I mean, which browsers…i do see that there’s a problem. im working on the issue.

tracyTracy said:

5:42 AM


thanks for letting me know. let me see what i can do. if you get a chance let me know what browser you were using.

Allanah said:

9:37 PM

Hmm, I hate to bother, but I’d love to read this comic after seeing the responses, but after trying it in a couple different browsers, the comic won’t move on. Thank you for your time.

Ramona said:

9:56 AM

love the list of ‘how i felt 14-19’ just turned 15 and totally relate. how old are you now bye the way, if you dont mind my asking?

tracyTracy said:

12:33 PM

ok, this is going to take a little while to fix (just saw what i think is wrong). i will have it working as soon as I can.

tracyTracy said:

12:31 PM

HI Hailey tracy here. Let me see what’s going on. I’ll post back. Sorry about this.

Hailey said:

12:14 PM

the links not working. does anyone know another place i can read it at all?

Miss Carroll said:

10:15 AM

Wow, what a great story! I can totally identify with what you are saying. Unfortunately, I have dated so many losers that I am getting turned off by the thought of dating. Instead I am finding happiness in books, music, and romance movies (because Lord knows that a movie is so much more satifying then some guy telling you lies – it has a happy ending!). Anyway, I just wanted to say that guys are just a messed up emotionally as we girls are, they just aren’t willing to tell you about it. They would much rather dump you then tell what their soul is truly about.

jeanne said:

10:15 AM

hi i read your comic at gurl.com

wow you really have some neat stuff on here its cool. that story, Loser, that really happened to YOU? wow man guys can be so shallow thats awful. i dont think sex before marrige is too good. call me a miss goody-2-shoes or whatever, but i just dont think its right.

somehow, jeanne

savanna said:

10:15 AM

i hate when guys think they can come and go in ur life as they please!! i loved the story bc i think it was so right..i think the girl was right for not giving in to that jerk bc he prob called bc he couldnt get no one else and he was desperate..

nichole said:

10:14 AM

i absolutely *heart* your comics. especially this one. deja vu. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i’m glad i can identify, but man, sometimes i wish i couldn’t.

Natalie said:

10:14 AM

Hey..I think you did great in dumping that . Guys like him are not worth it. If he can’t call you after you two slept together then forget him!!

Jon said:

10:13 AM

hmmm. Kinda makes you wonder. How can some people go through life not worrying and obsessing over relationships while the rest of us do? Do they deserve to jump from relationship to relationship with no though to the consequences? is that FAIR? of course not. but life isn’t fair. So then, do we just make do, asking freinds for advice, waiting for them to call, making up progressively more horrific situations in our minds (Oh my god, he/she/it hasn’t called/written/come over! They must hate me! was it something I did? Something I said? maybe it was that piece of pizza I ate two weeks ago, maybe they were saving it for dinner and I ate it without thinking and now their furious at me and never want to talk with me again…) *RING RING* hello? oh hi /*insert name here*/ how are you? hey, about that pizza… What pizza? you know, the one I ate the last slice of… No I’m not paranoid.

I’m not making fun, really I do the same thing. It’s nice to know it’s not a girl/guy thing, that both genders can be paranoid and self-deprecating.

anyway, enough ranting.

Kristin said:

10:13 AM

I can identify with what you went through. It took me quite a few times to learn my lesson as well and I’m still not sure I’ve completely cured myself. I mean I have a steady boyfriend now whom I love and who treats me well. I had a long list of losers that preceded him however.

The best advice I can give is and I now it sounds corny and cliche, but believe in yourself and remember that it’s not about you. It’s about them and their insecurities or lack of moral character. If someone sleeps with you and then ignores you and never gives you a proper explanation as to why, that person is a COWARD!

Shaun said:

10:13 AM

rejection is natural. We all go through it. I understand it very well. But, if he used you for sex, well some guys do that. The only thing you can do is accept that and call him what he is: a jackass….

tracyTracy said:

10:13 AM

Depression is optional. It’s a choice. Once you decide to dwell and obsess, however, you can slide down into that bottomless pit and it can be very difficult to climb out again. Best to quickly acknowledge whatever feelings strike you in regard to an experience, stand and survey at the lip of doom, so to speak, in order to learn whatever lesson you needed to learn, and then move on. Depression and obsession are pathetic and useless. They serve no purpose other than to drain away your limited life resources. Learn and move on. Negative emotions are a choice.

Also, I think the friend depicted in this story who offered all the advice is very much mistaken, reiterating the nasty message being pumped at us all by the media. The solution to maintaining a good relationship is NOT to learn how to manipulate and control your partner, or prospective partner. That’s a dead-end ally; childish and destructive, resulting in only the most superficial of relationships. Happiness and contentment spring from other entirely different sources.

The actual comics story was good; It’s good to share personal stories of all sorts. Doing so makes it easier for everybody to learn and grow when information is shared freely

Jess said:

10:12 AM

I think that you should not ever talk to hem ever agin! I would not It seemes that he only wonted you for s**!!

Doctor Doom said:

10:11 AM

Hmmm… well, I guess I’ve learned a lot of things from experiences like those depicted in ‘loser’. I know sadness and frustration are feelings we cannot ignore, but the trick is not letting them to take control of our souls. Many things are happening at every single second around us. Why should we keep fosucing only on the bad ones?Doctor Doom

twelvejane said:

10:11 AM

listen to music. make music. act depressed. sleep. after a while it gets boring.

tenkay said:

10:11 AM

the comic is my life story

yakov chodosh said:

10:09 AM

My 2 cents: wow that comic was PERFECT. AMAZING. It really shows where web comics are going, and how new forms are going to be combined with good old-fashioned storytelling. I thought McCloud was my favorite online comics artist, but now I’ll have to rethink that! WOW I am so impressed