tracyTracy said:

my granpda said he wasn’t feeling well but no one believed him.

What’s your grandpa story?

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cbidgood said:

10:25 AM

it all started off with easter of 2002 my grandfather was in the hospital for colin cancer
the doctors said he was in the worse stage there was. We knew him being a very strong christian in all he would be ok he would make it through and through it all thank god for the many blessings in his life. He went in for surgery and when he came out we found out they had messed the surgery up. The family was in a stage of shock he was going to have to wear a bag for the rest of his life. He was given 4 weeks to live…4 years later he was still with us stronger than he has ever been… we all knew the worst was yet to come.. he began chemo.. it began to make him very sick to the point he had zits all over his body. He was in crucial pain he would joke about it so he wouldnt upset the family but we all knew what was happening. He couldnt bare it any longer he cut all treatments. Honestly in the back of my heead was loosing him would break this whole family apart. He was the cause for the christmas season always praising god and keeping the family close. My mom lives in ohio so one christmas i went to got see here i called him on christmas to find out that he was doing ok. I asked what ok meant they said the cancer has traveled through his lymphnodes and has blocked his eating passages and they said that the cancer acts like glue and grabs the food causing it to block all ways of him eating causing him to die of starvation. it was to the point i ewas scared that he was goiong to be gone before i get up there. Him being weak as ever has never treated like has before
with the feeling of my heart me being so special and dear as i was to him me and my sister flew in on a night plane and he was in bed when i got back home. I went over there my cousin prepared me for the worst. i walked in the room and there he was looking like a bag of bones. Dark circles under his eyes and his skin was beging to change colors. Life would all change and it wasnt for the best of it. We just thought posotive like this would just bring the family closer. What we didnt understand is he was the biggest christian we have known in our lifetiime so why did god want to take him. he just told us god was using him for a purprose. We just tried to take it in. Stuck in the house all day my grandfather was suffering. couldnt see…loosing his hearing all he could do was suck on a q-tip that had leamon taste to it that the people from hospice gave him. He woould hold my granmother so tight not being able to tell her how much he loved her and smell her perfume for he never wanted to forget that preciaous smell of his 1 true love.. We just all sat around watching hoping that one day we would meet again and one day god would take him out of his misery..The 15th of january of 2008 his body laid lifeless in his living room on a hospital..At 3:30 he was pronounced dead
i didnt have the courage to go over to the body and kiss it goodbye for that was the last time i was ever going to see it
at the sight all i did was cry and scream.Hoping this was all just a dream. but it was all reality. The one person that brung the family together the one person that made everybody happy when down the one person that brung us all closer to god was know in heaven
out of his misery and pain..That was the worst day of my life. but we all have our memories all upset at the fact he wont be here for our graduation our kids and most of all FOR THE COUSINS WEADING THAT WAS NEARLY A COUPLE MONHS AWAY
thats all she wanted was to have him walk her down the aisle and he wasnt there. The grandma is trying to make were all trying to make it but it seems as though its taking longer than we thought. Life will never be the same but he will always be rembered for his courage and pide and the words “IM BLESSED” for that is how he always answered the question “how are you today”. NO matter how sick that was the answer never one sign of weakness.

jeanne said:

3:48 PM

thats sad……….tear…………

fifi said:

12:49 PM

My grandad was the coolest! he would play games with all his grandchildren and even though there are 27 of us, he treated us all equally. he didn’t have a favourite, we were all his favourites! he died 2 years ago and i miss him everyday. we all knew he was going to die soon, including him. my mum had told me he was going to die soon, before i was about to perform for the president of Ireland with my choir. she said probably next week. i was really upset and i cried a lot! when i went to perform, i had a great time, and the president wanted us to sing for her again! i was really happy. but then i went to visit my grandad. he looked weaker and smaller than ever. 🙁 i felt like crying. when me, my mum and my sister left (my dad and my brother stayed at the house). when we were halfway home, we got a call from my dad saying that he had died! my and my sister were so upset 🙁 at his funeral, i sang his favourite song, ‘All things Bright and Beautiful.’ my granda fought in the war and he was a doctor. because of him, i am now training to be a nurse and im nearly one. i just need 1 certificate and im a qualified nurse! and im only 14! i loved my grandad and i k cant believe he died! but God obviously wanted an angel! and He couldn’t have picked a more perfect one.

Kaci said:

12:48 PM

I just went to my papaw’s funeral yesterday, he died of lung cancer, and he was only 60 years old. So I guess you was lucky that he lived 89 years, because I would give anything to have my papaw with me just that much longer. 🙁

Tani said:

12:47 PM

I lost my mom exactly like that. The ‘It was almost unbearable’ frame just struck a chord with me.

katie said:

12:47 PM

i lost my grandad 2. he died wen he was bout 78 of a stroke. He had alhimers and had lost his memory 4 the greater part of my life. i still loved him and i will always have memories. i hope that any1 that has lost any1 2 b gald 2 no them and make the most of time you have with them.

tracyTracy said:

12:47 PM

well…i knew that my grandfather was weaker and couldnt remember anybody it happened in 2 days but i didnt know it was THAT seriouse. i had the summer vacation and one morning my grandma walked in and asked
-‘would you got to your grandpa’s funeral if he’d died?’
-‘ahhh yea sure…c’mon grandma dont scare me like that again’ – i yelled
-‘get your stuff our bus will be here in 20 minutes then’ – she said …i was shoked i could say anything i knew now that he’s heart stoped beating…i felt like mine is slowing down too i felt very bad..i still didnt go to the funeral i just ran away from the house and didnt come back till 11:30pm… i have no memmory now where i was all these hours…but when i came home i wasnt crying i just couldnt! i didnt even think of ANYTHING ..i couldnt..
P.S.: he was in the WW II AND HAD ABOUT 20 MEDALS! IM PROUD….

wesley said:

12:46 PM

my grandfather (father of mother) passed away in a similar fashion. he was 85. i would love to be able to capture that moment in time in drawings like you have but when i draw poeple they tend to look like bananas so perhaps not a good idea. or then again…!

dae said:

12:46 PM

Before my Grandad died he had blue feet, his mind was gone, and he was like a child killing nana with his incessant whinning, I think everyone wanted him to die… not that he wasn’t loved, but he wasn’t there

his last words, said in a wisdom of death tone
‘the name… is shopping

satchel said:

12:46 PM

Iím lucky because none of my close relatives have died during my lifetime, but since weíre all getting older, I know it has to happen (unless I go first). Although Iíve never seen my dad much, I was always close to his dad. That man is on his deathbed now, in a city far from me. Reading a story like this helps me prepare.

Rheanna said:

12:45 PM

Heh, my grandpa story? Not much to say…. My grandpa just got diagnosed with cancer… problem is, he lives in Lac Vegas, and my house changes with the time of year…. Georgia with my mom for school, and Oregon with my dad for summer. So, I don’t get to see him… not only that, but I didn’t know him too well, either… I’ve only been visiting him and grandma every summer for about three years now, and even then the visits aren’t too long… so even though I’ll miss him, I don’t know him as much as I’d like to…. hell, I’ve already lost one grandpa… but I used to live with him. He died when I was around 7 or 6, and that was only… what….. about six years ago. I still miss him, too… always joking around… And people wonder where I get it from….

Jenna said:

12:45 PM

My Grandpa ALMOST died of something that I was too young to understand. The doctor sort of screwed him up. Now he is always dizzy and depressed. His brother who lived close to him just died. They were best friends and did everything together. It was hard to see hm so upset at the funeral, but he did better than I expected. Anyway, if he died I would nt have a clue what to do. I get upset easy and that would be too hard to think about. If your loved one recently died and you need advice…I suggest writing about them. It get your true feeling off your chest. Write a story or poems. Whatever you do, don’t hold it inside. Trust me.

Marissa said:

12:44 PM

I loved my grandapa more than anything in the world and then he got sick with cancer and then died i am crushed but I don’t show it and all the time I feel depressed.

tracyTracy said:

12:44 PM

My Grandpa was everything to me. Odd thing is he wasn’t my ‘real’ genetic grandfather. Married my Grandma and took on 5 kids, one of which was to be my mother. From the moment I was aware of him we had a bond that was like none other I’ve had. I used to lie awake at night, sometimes, with the fear that he was going to die someday and I knew how much I’d miss him. He was in the hospital with some respiratory problems but was on the mend… they didn’t notice when he stopped breathing. I still miss him with a pain that pierces and can bring tears. My wife, who never knew my Grandpa, found a few old black and white photos I had taken of him. She had them matted and placed as a series in a nice frame. Nicest birthday present I can remember getting.

justin ostrowski said:

12:44 PM

I just lost my grandfather in october he was my father to me though. My mother was a druggie and my granparents took me in. One day I was up stairs and heard a scream it was my grandmothers my grandfather was dying we tried everything the guy on the phone said but nothing worked. He died october 31 2003 but I think death is wonderful sure sad but they go to a better place and I try to do the best at everthing and make him proud and pray for him in church and thats all I can do. We should try to get better and stronger from these things not cry that would be the wrong thing to do. I LOVE YOU POP AND HOPE TO SEE YOU AGIAN.

AC said:

12:43 PM

Thanks for another great–but sad–story. You’re lucky to have known your grandfather. I hardly ever saw mine, except around holidays or birthdays when he’d come to the house with two large shopping bags full of gifts for us kids and always a special cake and chocolate chip ice cream. Everyone called him Casey but my little cousin called him ‘papa cakey.’ He went to the race track a lot and I used to dream of being old enough to go with him. But he died when I was eight, and I found out later he had a heart attack in a gay bar in Greenwich Village. Everyone says he just flipped hamburgers there for extra money. Who knows? He’s buried in Arlington and I’ve only been to the grave once. But, if I’m in the Village near that bar and have to pee, I always go in and use the bathroom and look around and try to remember him.

nostalgia said:

12:43 PM

My grandfather died in the January of this year. Sadly the last conversation I had with him, where he actually recognized me, was about a year previous. Alzheimers took him away, cancer did the rest. I remember trying to tell him that I loved him a week before he died, and he kept thinking I was his son, an Uncle that had died before I was born.

When I saw him at the funeral he looked regal, composed. He had some dignity back.

tracyTracy said:

12:43 PM

Death is very sad. All my life I have had close people die. Most recent was my father. I want to share with everyone that if you have a relationship with Jesus then there is nothing to fear. This is not about religion, or a nutty life style. The bible says in Ephesians 2:8-9 ‘For by Grace are you saved through faith, not of yourself, it is a gift of God. Not by works, so that noone can boast.’ If you admit you are a sinner in need of a savior, confess that Jesus is the Son of God, you will have salvation and go to heaven. God loves everyone and doesn’t ‘take people away or kill them’ as some people have e-mailed. All the answers to life are in the bible just waiting for you. Remember, it is a relationship with Jesus, NOT religion. You can worship anywhere. I hope this will give someone out there some hope.

From: a person who has had a lot of loss in her life.

Lindsay said:

12:27 PM

One of my best friends, Jen, died after hitting her head during a seizure just this past November. I’ve decided that November sucks.

My other best friend Jill was the one to call me at college and tell me the news. I had a long inner debate about whether I should go home for the funeral. I didn’t want to, but I knew I should. The deciding factor was when my mother told me she had heard Jill say how much she needed me. So I went.

It sucked. I couldn’t stop crying. But I needed to go and I’m glad I did. It’s easy to forget about it at school. But it’s hard to be home and sit in Jill’s car and remember how we all used to just ride around together.

Even that N*Sync song makes me cry, because Jen loved it.

I am still trying to deal with Jen’s death. Sometimes I will just feel so alone. Sometimes I write crappy poetry, that seems to help. Sometimes I call Jill and we cry. When she first died, I remember ranting and raging. ‘What the hell?’ I said. ‘I only have 2 close friends and you take one away?’ I told a friend, ‘Watch out. If you get too close God might kill you too.’ But he understood. It’s easier to be pissed off than depressed.

But I guess I don’t really have an option.

L said:

12:15 PM

My grandma died when I was in 10th grade, after 2 years of battling cancer. We lived far apart and every time we visited, we both cried because we knew we might be saying goodbye for the last time. She was my favorite grandparent and I was devestated by her illness. I’d get physically sick at school and have to come home, and I was taking pills most nights to help me sleep. When she died it was a relief. I had plans to go on a school trip, so I went ahead and missed the funeral. I can’t stand watching people grieve.

That Thanksgiving was the most miserable of my life. But I still think it was better alone in Florida than it would have been with my family that year. 2 years of grieving was really enough. I’m sure some of my family members probably think I’m a jerk but I’d make the same choice again.

sivotan said:

12:13 PM

Whne my grandpa died..was the time when i was took the UPSR exam in secondary uncle call my dad taht my grandpa already died during and the next day i had to sit for my exam.i very sad and my tears just keep falling down .The next day i went to school ,my headmaster asked me what had happen ,i started crying out.nonstop.then he call my dad and my dad go to buy my tickect whick was flight to KL to pray my grandpa.BUt i just told my dad taht i didn’;t want to go there cos i still wanted to complete my exam.Thus,my whole family went to my grandpa ceremony.Except me.i felt very sorry to him .Didn;t see my grandpa last face.He very love my but i didn;t went to his ceremony.i felt guilty.

Aissa said:

12:13 PM

My grampa died when I was in college. It was on his birthday that he had his 3rd stroke and 4 days after, he died.

I sometimes cry whenever I think about the time when me and my grampa would talk for long hours after school… he lived in our house and we enjoy taking care of him.

There were a lot of things that I learned from him… although I sometimes can’t comprehend well what he is saying, having had stroke twice and his tongue was one of those things that got affected by it.

The greatest lesson he left me was by telling me on how to never never give up on anything you really want in life because life just keeps on bringing you down and it is really up to you to stand up, brush the dust from you and keep on going.

I miss him a lot. Yet I smile everytime I think of him… and I cry, too. 🙂

Amy said:

12:11 PM

I also lost my Grandfather well actually I lost both of them and even when you’re prepared it’s tough the way I got through it was letting people know when I am upset and u never realize how willing your friends are to help you until something like this happens but the thing that helped me most was writing and talking about it I didn’t write a comic instead I wrote a poem and talked to people about it and it helped a lot.

yakov chodosh said:

12:11 PM

for me, i dunno, when my grandfather died no one pretended he wasn’t dying. he withered and withered away, and one morning i got up and my dad said ‘Lou died’ and that was that. we drove over and sat around with my grandmother and told funny stories. interesting to read other people’s experiences.

in terms of the comic itself, i’ve posted already two enthusiastic messages, so i feel now more comfortable with critical analysis. I thought the shoes should’ve been drawn from the top, like you’re looking down at them. And it would be cool if you would use pictures more to tell the story. your drawing is certainly strong enough to get the point across. but your style works, and works well. i love your art and what you have to say. this site is great!!

please write me.