Getting Drunk

tracyTracy said:

This is the first comic i ever made. i drew it after reading scott mcCloud’s book “Understanding Comics.” it was drawn on vellum and then scanned in. “Getting Drunk” is on of the most popular comics on the site. i’m pretty sure it’s because almost everyone has had a getting drunk for the first time experience.

if you remember yours, go ahead and add it.

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Anonymous said:

7:52 AM

my mom gave me some wine and liquor one day. i got drunk and started recording myself. my mom was on the phone with my aunt talking about something and my mom took the phone out of my hand with my instagram still open. she beat me senseless, told me to pack my stuff and leave. i live in a middle eastern country so its not really a good idea to be a drunk teenage girl wandering in the middle of the night with shorts and a big shirt. horrible things happened to me that night and i blame my mother for all of it. don’t EVER get drunk around people that will hurt you.

Ms. MM said:

4:10 PM

I had a couple glasses of champagne on New Years and that’s about it. I’m 15, but my parents opinion is, and I quote, “If you want to drink after you’re 18, go for it. But if you get a ticket for being in possession of alcohol, don’t come crying to us.”

Alison said:

4:05 AM

I’ve never really gotten drunk before, but I presume it will be an experience I will have. I may have been psychologically buzzed, however, with a small amount of beer I tasted last summer. I was going to try more of it, but my dad put it down the drain. I think it was a whole “freak your kid into not drinking” deal, but I didn’t have enough to get freaked out. It was actually somewhat disappointing. Well. I’m pathetic and have almost nil life experience, so maybe I’ll come back and post here again in a few years.

z@r!@ said:

7:27 PM

u all are stupid for getting drunk young it can mess up ur life duuhh

James said:

4:37 PM

i first got drunk when i was about 11 years old. i did it because everyone was doing it in the home. i was the youngest. now, everyone is dead and looks like i am going back to prison for another 15 plus years. go figure.

Lindsay said:

5:09 PM

I cant remember I think Im still drunk.

cozboz said:

6:20 AM

i think its definitely worth it at least once, youve got to try it. alcohol isnt all bad, you just have to make sure your responsible and dont do anything stupid. i think beer tastes like shit as well, theres gotta be something you like, search around. not all alcohol tastes the same

JP said:

4:46 PM

“Is it worth acquiring a taste for alcohol? Is it worth it to get drunk?”

No, not really.

tracyTracy said:

11:15 AM

I still haven’t gotten drunk and I’ve only had about two beers as I approach my 22nd birthday. I just don’t have the types of friends that do that kind of stuff, and the times that I have had alcohol it tasted awful. Someone tell me (go ahead and email me), is it worth aquiring a taste for alcohol? Is it worth it to get drunk?

holly said:

10:41 AM

well i was at my friends house and…i cant say her famil wuznt at home bcuz all of them were :S therefore we went down to the bar and started taking all the vodka we found out, when we finished, we started drinking with some sprite, by the time we were hyper we didnt realize but the bottle was half-empty therefore we needed to fill it againg and so we did, guess with what? with water lol but by that time we were crawling on the floor laughing at nothing at all…just laughing, the worst thing of all was that to get back to her house, theres a ladder, there are no stairs, there are ladders…just imagine us…when we got up, her sista came by and asked us ‘why are u acting so weird?’ and we were like ‘huh?*hiccup* whatta u talkinnabout?’ lol it was really funny…and i dont remember anything from there, the next thing i remember i was in my own bed, at home :S what could have happened there?!?!…

Greg-Garion said:

10:41 AM

The first time I got drunk was at a wedding, cousins wedding. It was immensly fun. In the first few hours of the wedding I had a few glasses of wine, I was very ignorant about alcohol at this time even though I was 17. I started to feel dizzy and didn’y know why till awhile later when I realized ‘Holy mother of all things sacred to mankind, I’m drunk a bit.’

And so I had a few beers, which my older cousins bought for me since I could not. Though I tried.

I danced like an idiot fool, even though I did NOT know how to dance even one bit.

I was the life of the party for a time, dancing like a dumb asshead who can’t dance. then everyone left except me and my 4 cousins. We just got more wasted. Then we danced like cousins should not dance. Then we talked and laughed and acted like the fool.

THE END. Drinking is just fun. Nothing else.

Oh yeah, except it’s also bad for your liver or something.

Philip said:

10:40 AM

hi Tracy!its me,Philip.

let me tell u about my first time that i got drunk…

i was with some friends of mine in a dancing bar(after a jumping show).I liked a girl from the Turkish team and so me and a friend of mine started drinking everything we saw in front of us.I drunk about 7 Ursus,10 Baily’s & some Vodka…soon i fall down and talking nonsens.My parents with the help of some others picked me up and i was taken to hospital.There i got some infusions.The next day i was placed in my categorie. dein taufsohn

bobo the bear said:

10:40 AM

my friends parents were out of town when night so he decided to have a party. everyone who was there was faced and everyone was getting along. me and some friends were sitting on the couch watching tv when 3 girls walked by, one who had her shirt off and her bra pulled down. we all just stared at eachother(at her her lol) and laughed.

pie said:

10:40 AM

me and my buds used to go camping and drink in the woods. we were about 14 or 15 when we would drink the cheap stuff. like camo 40 oz, the stuff is so gross- its what bums drink lol. anyways we were all drinking around the fire when all of a sudden my friend barfs. it was so out of the blue that everyone started laughing, even him. he wasnt even sick or even that drunk, it didnt make any sense. it has to be about the funniest thing i have ever seen while drunk.

Another time i got drunk at my friends house. he had a party because his parents were gone. these 2 fat ass dudes got into a fight over some basketball game on the ps2. my friend who owned the house made them go outside before they fought. it was so awesome lol , someone threw a peice of pizza and it hit one of the fat dudes in the eye while they were fighting. oh that was funny.

FlameOn said:

10:39 AM

get drunk its fun! just do it to see if you like it. everyone is doing it. and to all the people who say dont do it, shut the up. honestly, shut the up. let people find out for themselves if they are going to like it or not. but really, smokeing pot is way more fun than drinking, better high and no hang over. also, smoking while drinking enhances the buzz. be safe about drinking and smokeing though, dont drive or anything stupid. also make sure you have a place to crash, like at a friends house. also drink captain morgans and coke, so gooood. doesnt taste like nasty vodka. so anyways peace niggahs

hk said:

10:39 AM

I was in austrailia and visiting my aunt when I turned eighteen and allowed myself to drink for the first time. My new friend Gemma and I bought a couple of cases of Midori (A green bubbly lemonade tasting drink) and we went to a pool party. I found a cute boy named sammy there and we talked for a while…then wwe all went and sat in the back of the paddle van and chatted more.. well.. I didn’t chat. I felt like I was burbing green bubbles all night. And then I fell asleep. It was a nice evening all in all.

Dennis said:

10:38 AM

Hope it’s not an offense, just starting to write here. After all I’m new. Therefore: Hi to all nice people out there.

I just HAD to write in here, since your story reminded me on my last trip to Russia, where I drank Vodka – a little too often. :O)

Even though I had bad memorys about Vodka, from one night, where I drank half a litter without snacks (sakuzki, as the russians say), finally ending up sleeping over the kitchensink, I drank that one night, untill I felt free of all fears and started to dance closely with a girl I hardly knew at that time. She was drunk, too, and I hardly remember, when we started kissing, or how long we did.

At some time, we went out on the balkony, where we could sit closely together. I could not get enough of her. It was one of the most beautifull evenings during the whole trip, but all of a sudden, a memmory of another old love flared up in my head, and before I could explain, I found my self hugging the toilett again – feeding her with all the Sakuzki, I had eaten this time…

wesley said:

10:37 AM

I’m 26 and I’ve have never been drunk before. Maybe this is the world record???
Drinking too much orange juice can give you a headache :

antonio said:

10:36 AM

i must have had like 14 or so, too when three amigos, us, went to one father’s while he was away home to drink. we had 2.5 litres of cheap licquor (almost turpentine) and just a small bottle of soda.I guess the pic of you on the floor fits perfectly to my own anecdote. Just that my friend turn his head a bit and threw up all over the carpet. nice.

christa said:

10:36 AM

I haven’t tried drinking yet, have wanted to but sadly haven’t time or access to alcohol…

snoopy said:

10:36 AM

well i’m fourteen and a few nights ago me and my friends were sitting round in one of ‘our’ feilds and this really tall boy i know came back with three 2 ltr bottles of cheap cyder. Everyone had a bit but i couldnt stop and i downed so much i was instantly sick, and everytime i strained to be sick i wet myself a bit! it was really nasty, but my now bf walked around with me so i wasnt sick again and i ended up pissing in a phone box and falling asleep in a wood. all in all a good night! sometimes being drunk is good and sometimes its not you cant really controll what you say and do but sometimes you can just be really lucky and everybody still likes you and your rents never find out.

katie said:

10:35 AM

ok well it was me and my friens rachel and her brothers had gotten us stuff and we thought we where soo cool .,.,., and i will admit that it was fun and we had a blast and no one found out so we r still ddrinking !!!

heidi said:

10:35 AM

getting drunk is fun.

tracyTracy said:

10:34 AM

i love getting drunk. the first time i really got drunk — pass out don’t remeber drunk was when i was 15 with my best friend…we did shots of tequila with sprite…you mix them 2gether than slam the glass down and drink quickly…slammers.

amber said:

10:34 AM

first time i got drunk i was in my best friends cow pasture. he.. he.. he..

Christopher 17 years old said:

10:33 AM

yeah like the first time i got drunk i waz with some friends o f mine and we were going to a party at his house and well hell we had nothing better to do so we sent him to the store but he didnt want to go get it so me and my home girl went to go and get it and on the way back we stop at the top of this hill to check out the view and before i knew what waz happin i waz throwin back the drinks and well we went back into the car to get some more Bacardi 151 (man that is good. and we were so ed up that we endded up in so hard we kicked out the window of the back seat. to make a long storie short we forgot to take back any to them 🙂 sorry guys!

kerry said:

10:33 AM

ok the first time i got drunk was at a bar. i was 17 at the time so me and my boyfriend Chris decided to have a few drinks. i told him i only wanted one. i ended up having 6. it was so good but i was drunk. i was swearing to everyone and i think me and my boyfriend gave a strip show and stripped down till we were naked and started dancing on th tables together. luckily, we knew no one there. i was crazy. the next morning i woke up naked in chris’s bed and realized we had sex. i was freaked out and scared. i had no idea what had happened the night before. i like dozed off. i was totally freaked. i felt so stiff and nervous that my parents would find out. they still dont know about the first time i got drunk and now to this day they still wont know. it was cool except for the stripping. well dont get drunk. its not really that fun. when your parents find out.

Chris said:

10:32 AM

When I got drunk, I nearly ruined my reputation. I hooked up with some fat chick. At the time, she thought I was cute and I thought she was okay. Here we were pashing and nearly ready to have sex. Later, my mate pulled me aside and pointed out she was a fat ugly chick. I was shocked, I had to escape into another night club. Before feeding her some piss poor excuse.

chris said:

10:32 AM

At our ‘after party’ after our Year 12 formal, I planned to take it easy. Getting drunk was unexpected. Me and my mates were all getting drunk. Soon, after 4 or 5 drinks, I felt a little funny. Then I realised, ‘I’m ing drunk!!’ While some were congratulating me on getting drunk, a few people did caution me on my drunkenness, mostly the chicks. I felt as if I couldn’t control myself. I was swearing, yelling, laughing, talking to others I’ve never met and trying to unsuccessfully chat up chicks. Don’t ask me what I did that night, I can faintly recall what I did. I think someone has a video camera and I was swearing my head off. Three or four hours and eight cans of rum and coke later, some of the girls tried to step in and calm me down. I promised one of them to stop drinking. Her and I were very close friends since primary school. Another one got me to sit down. After 15 – 25 minutes later, I didn’t feel too good. I staggered to the nearest tree and threw up. Fuck me dead, I thought something was wrong. I somehow thought that I was going to end up in hospital. After a while, I went to a mates place to sleep it off. Mind you, he was extremely drunk, more than I was. After throwing up all morning at is place and my place, I learnt not to drink over six drinks in a row and not to mix drinks. In a way, it was worth it. During the next several days, I received continuing critical acclaim for getting pissed that night and compared with others on how drunk we got.

ninja prince said:

10:31 AM

These comics are awesome! I’m a 25 year old guy that once got drunk at a company party. I had 10 glasses of wine. Man, I was all over our receptionist who was like 40 years older than me. And I kept trying to get the nerves to ask this one girl out, but all of my co-workers kept holding me back because I was so messed up. Eventually I ended up wasting the rest of the party in the bathroom. I hovered over the sink for hours and random people kept asking me if I wanted a ride home (I was amazed at everyone’s generosity that came into the men’s bathroom that day.) Maybe it had a lot to do with me telling people about some girl I was totally in love with as they did their thing in nearby stalls and urinals. But eventually someone in our Human Resources Department dragged me out of the bathroom and got me a ride home. The V.P. of Human Rsources and the whole HR department drove me home. Luckily, I had a job the next day. So, I sent them an email saying how much they ruled! (My reputation has been tainted ever since.)

Ashlyn said:

10:31 AM

the first time i got drunk was when i was 14 yrs old. i was with my boyfriend and he had got sky vodka from his 19 yr old brother. i thought it was like the sweetest thing to drink. After that we started making out in the back of his camaro. (he is 16) he banged me good like a hawaiian army drum!!! i got pregnant. now i am 17 and have a 2 yr old baby named Zoe. and i also know the consequences to getting drunk ( i love those consequences! i will do it again my fello! hot sexy daddy! his name was Steven. he is a sexy hunky-lunk! he was as rough as a cow on water! he was like a gorilla! arp! arp!) moo! oh! baby! yes! yes!

jFlash said:

10:31 AM

GOD!!! im sooooo lucky i live in the uk, u guys in america have 2 wait until yr like 21 right? wereas we only hav 2 wait until were 18 (LOL!!!!) ne way for my mums 40th, we had a massive family party an drunk my mum under the table!!! i’v never puked from bein drunk lol

~*NAT*~ said:

10:28 AM

the first time I got drunk was like when i was 15, it was on my friends b-day, we parked in a dark Bennigans, and just drank, afterwards we went to a club, and ended up dancing crazy style on these bars in front of everyone, it was a blast!! CORONA’S ARE #1!!!!A NIGHT SPENT WAISTED IS BETTER THEN A WAISTED NIGHT !!!! YAHHHH

tracyTracy said:

10:28 AM

hi. i remember when i got drunk. i was 15 and i was at a high school party. i was there with my boyfriend Tom and we went to the bar place to gra us a drink. i asked him to get me a drink. he said ok. so he went to the bar and came back with a coke. or so i thought. it was really alchohol but Tom i think put something in it or if it was just that way. after ward, i felt dizzy and weazy so i went to sit on the swing in back, even though it was like 1:00 AM. I sat on the swing. about 30 second later i puked. my friend katy saw and called her 18 yr old brother to drive me home. so he did. when i got home my parents were waiting for me on the stairs wondering where i was. i told them i went drinking. they were furious. i had to break up with tom and i couldnt hang out with my friends for like 2 months. that stunk. but now that i am 17 i still cant drink but now i know better. Dont drink. It will cost you.

betsy said:

10:28 AM

hi my name is betsy and i am gay lol just joking girlfriend!!!!! i love my mirror i always say ‘mirror mirror on the wall who will get drunk first of all’ lol kewl huh!!! wel bye

angel said:

10:27 AM

i still and probably will never get drunk. but i got bored so i decided to just write anything lol. im not drunk but i have drank cups and sips of stuff but not enough to be drunk. i know my story is corny but what the heck, if there’s nothing else to write then fine. well i will add more later. (by the way my name is not angel!) (LOL)

tracyTracy said:

10:27 AM

when i was 15 i went to a friends birthday party, w/ my bf my bestfriend and her bf. They went outside and some idiot said that they werent allowed back in so they decided to walk to the store and they would call meon my cell from a payphone when they got there, but they didnt relise that my bestfriend had my cell in her bad i called her asap and i was freaking on them cause they had left me there my bf tryed to calm me down but i just wouldnt so he said they were on there way back to the house. After i got off the phone i walk over to my friend and she offered me a drink, after that i went around to all my friend and i guess you would say got free handouts. Needless to say i was drunk by the time my bf got back, from then on he wont let me drink enough to get drunk. I hit my head 3 times that night. Oh it was very interesting in the morning. And im happy i didnt puke!!! I think i wanna do it again!

melissa said:

10:26 AM

when i first got drunk was when i was 13,my boyfriend & his friend had striped me and i woke up and both of them were liking me evrywhere so i said hell w/ it i might as well f*** w/ them anyway.

gert said:

10:26 AM

I started drinking when I was 14 and thought I knew it all. I got so drunk once that I couldn’t remember what happened. I heard so many stories that I didn’t want to show my face in public. I was dancing on tables,laughing very loud and being very rude. I lost alot of friends that day for telling secrets. I don’t do that any more. I still drink, but I’ve learned to socialize.

Nostalgia said:

10:26 AM

The last time I got drunk, I ended up lying on my friend’s deck. I noticed how the stars were spinning like crazy, and then I felt bone-jarring pain. I had rolled off of the deck. Next thing I knew I was rolling some more, down his sloped backyard towards the River.


Had it not been for the DSP (designated sober person, a must when you’re a teen and stupid) I likely would have drowned.

That was about 8 years ago. Though I do occasionally drink, I practice stringent moderation.

jigga said:

10:25 AM

Lol, moderation IS key. I draaaank waay too much my first time, and spent the entire night puking my guts up in my friend’s bathroom while everyone else was having fun and partying (they were all more experienced). I waited a over a year before I drank again, and I definitley knew when my stopping point was (it was when the gag reflex started to kick in).

wisdom said:

10:25 AM

Moderation is the key to everything. Drinking is O.K. The first few times you drink, you vomit; therefore, puking can be viewed as a lesson in moderation. Drinking responsibly in a social environment can elevate your mood and lower inhibitions making it easier to make friends and immerse yourself in fun conversations. It can be fun. Why else would we do it? Look at the whole of Europe: Drinking is a much more accepted custom there, and accidents and addiction are lower. The key is to evaluate yourself: if you can drink sensibly, then enjoy it, but if you think you may have a drinking problem or you simply don’t like it, then don’t drink. Do what makes YOU happy!

IvyTruffle said:

10:25 AM

When I was 13, My very keen friend and I waited until just before the afternoon prep period before attempting to get at the 3 bottles of special offer, red poison from some vinyard in the middle east (no jokes). So, with our backs against the door, we downed a bottle each. It suddenly hit us just as the bell went for prep period. My friend, who was not quite in the state I was, escorted me to my form room before anyone else had arived, instructing me to stay put,silent, and to pretend to read a book untill esembly where we could ‘do cool stuff’. I minutes later declaired my self too sober and somehow managed to stagger back over to my dorm for yet more crap wine. On the way over my vision went double. I sang and I fell down and up stairs alot. I made it, drank untill nearly vomiting, and returned somehow to my filling form room. I greeted a friend there then missed the chair I was trying to sit on 6 times. From there it’s all very vague. Apprently I drooled everyware in my book and was winking at everyone. Some of my friends asked if we could be excused to go to the art block and my form teacher just nodded completely oblivious.I vomited my whole body mass in the art room toilets and threw a whitey. I missed asembly and was taken back on flat by my mates where I then passed out. My drinking buddy made it to asembly and annoyed the hell out of every one thus came back depressed. We became the talk of the school, Suffered cripperling hangovers and gave the remaining wine away although not much was left anyway.

jeanne said:

10:24 AM

hey drinking is dumb too

when i grow up, i ll be getting high on lollipops and telling people i want dr pepper on the rocks.

seb said:

10:23 AM

That was hillarious! I hope every learns the valuable lesson, that once your hangover has gone, you can drink more! And More! Boooze. Mmmm. It makes all the sharp edges go away. Yum!

tracyTracy said:

10:23 AM

I started drinking at about the same age as Tracy, more so when I was fifteen though. we had lots of parties at highschool and we all thought that it was pretty cool to drink and see how much we could handle. Me and and my best friend got pretty good and held down a lot. I only ever vomited two times and it was not very nice. I hardly ever drink now though and if I do I know when to stop. I also know someone very close to me who nearly died because they drunk too much .They chucked up heaps bad one night they ripped open an ulcer in their stomach which was there because of their continuous drinking. This put me off a lot especially since I was the one that dragged them to the hospital after they had been bleeding internally for a few days and had colapsed on the floor. By the way the person I knew was only eighteen when that happened so just be careful

sandilicous said:

10:23 AM

i relate fully to the getting drunk comic. i had similar experiences with alcohol but not at 14! probably 21, with all teh parties and stuff, but now one glass of white wine is fine, the whole in thing of drinking just got to me and i’m fine without it and i would always get drunk when i had real friends as in people i trusted around me and i knew they would take care of me coz i would do the same. but now i’m fine without drinking.

Superkitty! said:

10:22 AM

Well I think the comic was amusing & I don’t see anything wrong with it cos it wasn’t advocating drinking or anything like that, it was just a simple narration of what happened to the author herself. As for alcohol, in small quatities I think it’s fine, but I also think that self-control is very important here. I mean, it’s your life and no one can be responsible for you but yourself. I’ve been drunk before but I made sure I was surrounded by trusted friends who brought me home safely. & trust me, it felt absolutely horrible & I could see bits of my dinner floating around in my puke 😛

tracyTracy said:

10:22 AM

When I first read Tracy’s story about getting dunk with her friend Gail, I thought this is what a real comic is supposed to be, FUNNY. After reading many of the posts, I started to have mixed feelings. Most of the posts are from younger people who are in the teen years and need to be aware of the dangerous causes and effects that drinking can have on you. I believe I was still in high school when I had my first drink, then while on a date, my drinking progressed so much to the point that I could not stand up. Laughing we all may be at these words right now, but they are not funny at all. I was diagnosd with Epilepsy at age 21. Epilepsy opened my eyes and a whole new world for me, because I was no longer free to do what maybe I was free to do when I was in High School. Since being diagnosed with Epilepsy, I have had to take on a lot more responsibility than others without the condition need to do. For me, my partying days are long gone. When I go out with friends to a club, I have to order Coke, or a non-alcoholic beverage. While Epilepsy has their own website, and I will not bore you with it, just the same, people of all ages need to be aware and more informed of the dangers and effects that drinking can have on you. Personally, I find Tracy to be funny, that is my opinion, her website is supposed to be funny, in life we all need a laugh at times before heading back to reality. So let’s all not forget what this website is all about, laughter. Drinking is serious as well.

tracytracy said:

10:21 AM


My name is Tracy too, I remember when I first got drunk, I was on a date got so drunk, I could not stand up. I sooooooooooooohad to use the restroom, so since I was not able to stand, I asked my date to escort me to the restroom. When I arrived at the restroom, I took one look at my face as most women do anyway, and I swore this was the last time I was ever gonna get drunk which it turned out to be the last and only time for me since,two years later, my doctors diagnosed me with Epilepsy prohibiting me from drinking.

tracyTracy said:

10:21 AM

at college i had a hard time drinking as we had a club in the basement where the tequila was just about 1$, i ended up drunk virtually every night. i could’nt stop it until i left, and found a flat somewhere else

ben said:

10:20 AM

Great comic. Really nice. (That goes for all the other ones, too.) Brought back some unpleasent memories, but hey..

j-dog said:

10:20 AM

the first time i got drunk (and the second time i had ever consumed alcohol) was at a frat party the first weekend the freshman year of college. i drank 14 beers like they were water. frat guys cut me off because i was being so obnoxious. when i went back to my dorm, i crawled to my room on all fours and threw up all night and passed out with my head in the toilet. the next morning i got up and went to church (i to this day have no clue why i did that). a few days later i found out a pro photographer had been at the party and took pictures of me sprawled out and semi-conscious in a booth at the bar. the frat guys told me i could come by the house anytime to look at them, if i wanted to. i never did.

oz thomas said:

10:18 AM

I laughed my ass off.Your story brought back so many memories. Memories of working at the park, stoned as can be trying to hold a weed-trimmer. Thanks.

martin said:

10:12 AM


I think that your comic is a really good exmple to show what happens, when you drink too much. The only thing that is missing is the hang-over, which is the worst part of it (according to my experience) I’m 17 at the moment and first I got drunk, when I was 13. A friend of mine was home alone and he invited my and some other people to his place. We drank wine, vodka, beer etc. It was a first time for me, so I controoled myself, but some guys got really drunk (one of them was throwing up on the window). So there are no bad experience for me of my first time. But I learned my lessons later. Here in Estonia (A small country near Finland, Sweden, Russia and Latvia) drinking is a part of all teenagers life. (I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been drunk) If there is a birthday, school-dance, party or fiday night, it meens drinking. If there is nothin else to go on friday, we go to a pub and have some beers. Now I’ve experienced enough to know my limits, but about 2 years ago I puked on every time when there was a party at someones. And once, throwin up in my classmates toilet I decided to start drinking sencebly and I’ve put it up till today. But many are having big troubles. My brothers classmate drank 0,5 litres of vodka in school with 9 seconds! Fortunately he is alive, but the doctors had to give him two electric shocks to save his life… So drinking is a big problem.

I also have many stories of getting drunk. The biggest party was the ending of 9th grade. We rented a whole motel. No teachers, no parents. There were about 70 totally drunk 15 year old teenagers throwing up everywhere. But atleast I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. The longest period of drinking was in last summer. We went to Sankt Petersburg, Russia with our class. It was 4 days and 3 nights of nonstop drinking (including our teachers). And for example 0,5 litres of vodka costs there about $2.50 and a pack of Marlboro cigarettes $0.50!

And after that I went to my summer house, where my brother celebrated his 15th birthday. Again 2 nights of drinking.

And this is nothing. Some guys are totally drunk every friday and saturday. Sometimes we drink during the school day (Not so much in high-school, because getting caught means the end of school)

So there is nothang bad in drinking, if it’s done sencebly. Too much alcohol isn’t good, I’ve seen it too often.

Don’t drink and drive!

P.S. please don’t mind my miss-spelling, english is not my mother tongue.

onyx said:

10:10 AM

rants, rants, rants! yeah, i’m almost fourteen too, BUT… (this’s for the forum poster’s that had but negative things to say) you shouldn’t gripe about something you’ve never done, because A) YOU don’t know what it’s REALLY like!; B) not everyone that reads your post is going to AGREE with you (e.g., not everyone will care), and lastly; C) life is full of choices – MAKE ONE! you either do it or you don’t! it’s THAT easy!

as for the people who HAVE gotten drunk, but didn’t end up with a want-to-remember experience (and never wanted to drink again), like i said: life is FULL of choices – you made one! congrats, maybe you LEARNED something from it.

and for the people (not that TOO many were here) who _only_ listen to what other people tell them to learn about something, shove it and get the FACTS! sheesh…

btw, the first time i got drunk i was merely a tad more than a year younger then what i currently am. i won’t say much about my experience (it wasn’t bad); however i’d like to say i still drink… occasionally, mind you. why? if i’m happy/neutral with what i’m doing, screw what anyone else thinks. d:<

tracyTracy said:

10:09 AM

I’d drank alcohol regularly throughout high school, but never enough to affect me. My first drunken experience was in college when a girlfriend and I split a liter of rum. I fell asleep. It wasn’t until eight months later that I finally stayed awake long enough to drink enough that I was thoroughly sick. And after that experience I was truly convinced that I would never ever