tracyTracy said:

Don’t forget your permission slips.

do you take field trips?

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bboy said:

1:19 PM

I loved field trips, especially when we lived in Germany.

getsamani said:

11:58 AM

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Wow pretty cool website. I’m Off to show My friends.IT’s also Pretty true Comics strip you have.



pokes said:

11:58 AM

not bad, not bad at all.

your stories always get me thinking about things i’ve not thought about in a while. field trips were a big part of my early years. now i think of all my plane trips as field trips in a way.

seating is CRITICAL to enjoyment of the trip. and believe it or not, i pack a lunch too (airplane food – need i say more?). a new consideration is the fact that i’m much taller now, so leg room becomes an issue. still, bottom line, a window helps pass the time and promotes daydreaming.

another thought comes to mind – what about bathroom breaks? in planes this can be a big issue and, as i remember, bathroom breaks on trips have always been an issue.

some things never change. keep up the great work.

longDave said:

11:58 AM

well i’m 6′ 2′ so window seats are not my first choice. the aisles where it’s at.

hippy janet said:

11:57 AM

Hey Tracy,

Really, you’re my favorite comic strip writer. I can SO relate to every single one of them. Anyway, I loved to go on fieldtrips because they got me out of class. They were also some place to go because the only place my mom would take me was to Grandma’s. The part I hated about field trips was when we’d go to the nature park hiking. I don’t mind hiking, I actually love to hike. I just hate trying to keep up with everyone who could always walk so much faster than I could. Last one in line, always falling behind athletically. Nowadays I go hiking by myself or with my boyfriend who says he’s going to have to get me in shape so I’ll keep up with him. I had to tell him, ‘I’m slow at hiking, get used to it.’

tracytracy said:

11:57 AM

nope. not friends with apurna. yes, i like curry.

limpy said:

11:57 AM

Hey Tracy,

You’re on a tear – so many new updates. Keep up the good work. It makes me wish I was going on a filed trip soon.

Question: did you end up becoming friends with Apurna?

Another question: do you like curry?

gail shafer said:

11:56 AM

Hi T!

Great field trip rememberance! The one I remember best was the most mortifying experience of my elementary school years.

I had a terrible case of the chicken pox that created terrible scabs all over my face, neck, and chest and my Mom INSISTED that I go to see the Nutcracker ballet in Manhattan because I was no longer contageous and there was no real reason I COULDN’T go-EXCEPT that I felt like a leopar and I was so embarrassed I thought I would DIE. But I went along and she chaperoned (I think I was 10 or 11) and when the male dancer playing the lead came out on stage in his ballet tights and started to dance I leaned over and whispered to her in an exhasperated voice,’Mom…Is that all HIM??’

Love the field trip comic. Wish all my trips had been that good, but then if we’d gone to the same schools and were in the same grade I’m sure they would have been :). Look fwd. to reading more. Love, Gail

spiv said:

11:56 AM

I always loved field trips because they were a break from school, and we got to go to really cool places like the salt marshes and look at crabs — this was in Massachusetts. I also loved field trips because my mom would pack a special lunch for me that I only got to eat on special occasions, which consisted of JUNK FOOD. Yum! I don’t remember when I first read Forever, but it was certainly an important milestone for me too… i’d never known before that guys had special names for their willies, other than ‘peter’. After that, I never looked at a boy the same way again.

thumper said:

11:55 AM

So happy to see a new story added to the site. Are we to expect more field trip stories? I like the part about the metric system – I still can’t get myself to think in celsius!
More, more, we want more installments. Still they must take a lot of work to create.

Thanks for sharing.

bryan said:

11:55 AM

the french… i’ve always had my suspicions about them. first they don’t support the US after everything we’ve done for them, then they abuse our children by forcing them to learn algebra. hey, did you know that algebra is an arabic invention? the word ‘algebra’ itself comes from the arabic word, ‘al-jabr’ meaning ‘the restoration (and the compensation).’ it figures that the french would be all into that stuff, cuz you know i hear they love arabic people in france.

grobo said:

11:55 AM

FIELD TRIPS is really fun. I was expecting a tale covering an specific trip, but the general survey is a nice one to start the Travel section with. Love the idea of a travel

section, too!

Keep up the 95% true work!


tracyTracy said:

11:54 AM

great story…especially the judy blume part

anne said:

11:54 AM

i read tons when i was younger. when i was really young i was obsessed with reading every single woman’s biography at the library. I particularly remember harriet tubman and anne frank. then i got into scifi – especially ray bradbury and especially stuff my brother was reading cause he is four years older than me and i always wanted to read older stuff.

eric said:

11:54 AM

nice…and can i say ABOUT TIME you put up a new comic…I always liked missing english myself

thanks for the trip, looking forward to the next installment.