High School Parties

tracyTracy said:

when me and my best friend gail first started going to parties we didn’t exactly have a good time.

high school, gruesome or great?

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Val said:

11:22 PM

any party in orange county? i’m free

sayde said:

7:57 PM

Any party near spring hill???

Ray said:

1:15 PM

any parties near alpharetta, ga???


1:44 AM

any parties in va??

ella said:

3:15 PM

any new york or new jersey parties?

darius said:

7:54 PM

any high school parties in san diego, ca ?

honestly invite me lol. im funny ig.

king.lee.darius@gmail.com (email)

connie said:

3:09 PM

any parties in miami,florida
add snap @gvo_constanza
add insta @official_constanza

Kate said:

1:14 AM

Any parties in or around charlotte nc??
Me and a few of my friends wanna celebrate our senior year starting 🙂

rosie said:

5:56 PM

any parties in Nevada Henderson??

Ela Thomas said:

7:52 PM

any parties happening around Charlotte NC

Remi said:

5:00 PM

Any parties in goula or moss point mississippi??

Claire said:

4:33 PM

LOOKIN FOR PARTIES IN LINCOLN NE!!! anyone know of any?

jacob said:

9:19 PM

any parties in south jersey?

Crazy grill said:

8:13 PM

Any parties w gas n stuff near Cambridge or Boston?

Jhon said:

11:14 PM

Anybody know any partys in Las Vegas let me know on snap bpowell561

Michelle said:

9:08 PM

Any parties in south mass/ri

mesca said:

10:57 AM

anyone trying to get together in MI, and have a trip party??

Angel said:

11:07 PM

Parties near me ? Philadelphia

Ari said:

11:45 AM

Any Halloween parties in Michigan this weekend or next weekend ?

Jade said:

8:23 PM

Rising sophomore and I’m looking for some wild ass parties to go to hmu on ig @moonlight.amaeum if u find something.

dr phil said:

10:08 PM

are there any parties in las vegas 2nite?

Layla said:

3:05 PM

any parties in Selkirk,Mb, canada

Mm said:

7:51 AM

Will there be any high school party’s happening in Detroit Michigan?

Sierra Phillips said:

12:08 AM

Any parties here in Esco

Maria said:

11:40 PM

Any smoke hill parties happening in Centennial Colorado

Caleb said:

1:33 PM

Any parties near linthicum,MD near North County hs

Halee said:

1:16 AM

Any parties in lemoore california for new freshmans. My friends and I are looking for a party to celebrate getting throughout middle school and staring highschool.

ashley said:

6:32 PM

Any parties for high schoolers in houston

Jordan said:

3:02 PM

Huntersville NC lookin for a party. I’m ready to party. Do dumb stuff and get shit faced

leeann said:

9:01 PM

Any partys down to chill
California victorValley

Tony said:

12:36 AM

any parties in holmdel nj

Nyah said:

11:26 PM

Any parties in Albuquerque New Mexico west side??

Anastasia said:

11:03 PM


Anna said:

11:03 PM

Any parties in south Cali between oside and Carlsbad

Anastasia said:

11:02 PM


Lauren said:

11:31 PM

Any parties near fairlawn nj ?

Brianna said:

12:10 AM

Looking for a great party to go too. Any in san jose, california?

Gaby said:

7:48 PM

I’m looking for a house party if you know of one my Kik is: gabysalazar_10

Angelique Pupke said:

1:28 AM

Is there going to be a party this week in Delray,Florida angelique.pupke@gmail.com

Angelique said:

1:26 AM

Is there going to be a party this week in Delray,Florida

chris martin said:

2:13 PM

hey im chris and i go to plaoma valley high school im looking for anyone who is starting a party in california email me if u find any 300488@my.puhsd.org thanks -chris-

Jay said:

7:56 PM

Any parties in Santa Ana?

Luke said:

8:59 PM

Any party’s in Newton, MA?????

Junior garvin said:

10:03 AM

I want to host a party in kennewick, WA
425 N columbia center Blvd, 99336
Email me for more details and when

Jordan said:

8:27 PM

Any parties going down on Saturday in miami?

Jor said:

6:23 PM

Any parties in Miami tonight ?

evelina said:

8:53 PM

Any parties at Springfield, NJ

Raylana Fasolo said:

5:48 PM

Any Halloween parties in Sacramento??

Bryce said:

10:54 PM

Any parties in bend oregon.

tracyTracy said:

4:03 PM

Hey Kaleigh, House parties can be tricky. my experience was always that they happen at the home of someone who had parents that were away. there were always things that happened, lets just say it was a good they weren’t at my house. anyway, while happy to give advice in general. i need to take a pass on giving out specific party suggestions.

tracyTracy said:

3:48 PM

Hi Random, it’s hard to go with lots of homework, but not impossible. no one should have to do homework all the time, although sometimes it may mean that the next day you have to stay up a little later or get up a little earlier to finish stuff. my guess is the fact that you are even trying to figure it out, are thinking about how to balance the two, means you will find a way that works best for you.

Random said:

11:31 PM

I’m A freshmen and starting school Gr. 9 on Tuesday and I was wondering how do you go to parties if you have a lot of homework?

kayleigh said:

7:20 PM

Me and my best friend are throwing a party and were going to be freshmans. we are starting early to plan out our party we need help/some ideas about where we should post it facebook? or. I was thing about a house party any ideas where to throw it ? and we need a perfect theme for the party and yes were popular!!! all the way what should girls and boys where when going to our party? we basically need idea a suggestions on what to do and where to have it> 🙂 -kayleigh

Gage said:

12:50 PM

OK i remember this one party me and 3 of my homies went too. Ok so we thought it was going to be a little party until we seen the big ass house it was at. So we got their played some beer pong and took shots. as everything was getting good we hear knocking on the door and see police out side 3 of them. everyone in the house started to hide and to find out this girls house was locked everywhere. there was no way out but the garage. so we went to the garage to see what was up with the police and as soon as we went in their they flashed their lights in their we all ran back in side. on the way in we found a window by this time the cops were in the house, but this window was on the 2nd story. i told my friend to go first so he did and fell and busted ass. then it was me i did the same then ran my ass off. some how later that night we all meet up with each other in a ally. the night was good cuz we told these fine ass girls we knew the way lol we didn’t. but in the end they came back with us back to our house. Everythings better in TEXAS

Chelsea said:

5:25 PM

We need a website to put addresses of parties up! That would be the shit. I’ll work on one where everyone can post.

Chelsea said:

5:23 PM

I WANT TO RAGE! Any parties in Iowa? 🙂

John said:

6:19 PM

There are good parties in my school I hear, I dont know the hosts and don’t know how to get invited.

Ilovepartys said:

1:06 PM

Well, unfornunatly for me.. there are a lot of stuck up hipsters who attend my highschool parties who sit around smoking hookah and judging all the super crazy shit faced people. these are what you would call “party poopers” I like to take a few shots kiss a few boys and just have a good time socialising with everyone. Not to mention i love all the new people I meet. Like kids from different schools are so nice and willing to hang out with you (:

chach said:

11:37 PM

omg i live in westchester! i go to yorktown high school hahaha

worlds greatest party girl said:

4:07 PM

I am a junior and only started to party now but I think its because qhere I lived before there were never really any good parties. I think I just moved to party central USA. I usually go out Friday nights and come home monday morning. I have hooked up with almost half of the boys in our senior class and its awesome. I have had my fair share of bad partys like the time I got black out drunk and lost my virginity to a boy I didnt like at all laying in a ditch out on a country back road somewhere. Then again I have also hooked up all night with the guy I had been damn near in love with all year, yup best night of my life. I usually end up puking and blacking out when I party but it aint bad. I love partying I love living my life a million miles and hour and I dont plan on slowing down ever. I love every moment of every party. I love being drunk and I love meeting new people and making awesome memories. Doesnt get better then what I get to live right now. :))

J-Man said:

9:48 AM

i love parties
the only reason im not at one now is cuz i got a fuckin hangover thats beatin the shit outta me right now

tabatha said:

8:31 PM

i loved my highschool years, if somebody wasnt throwing a party, then i was. it all starts off with drinking, then turns into drinking 10000 litres of beer through a beer bong, then you can guess the rest… no body is drunk until they are unconcious and throwing up. theres always the person crying hysterically for no reason, usually in the bathroom blubbing away to their best friend. theres always those people that end up having sex in your bed. of course, theres the people that totally trash your house, and those that have to get carried home because they can np longer feel their legs. of course if you dont go home full of vomit and urine, you wake up in some bush in the garden with a beer can in your hand, or next to some randomer youve never seen before, or in the bathtub. then the poor host is running round like a maniac trying to clean the hosue before their parents get back.

Alison said:

3:01 AM

Well, I’m in high school now, but I’ve never had any party experience… I think I like staying home and watching TV.

tucker said:

9:28 PM

Im now a senior in highschool and every party ive been to since freshmen year has been a blast… Theyve all been crazy as hell all the drinks you could ever want and i always have the best time

abbie said:

7:15 PM

WOWW, hahaha all them comments are LAME yall know NOTHING about partying.. lol okay my parties are nasty twerk dancin, drink till i cant drink no more, smoke till i cant smoke no more. hook up with guys and fuck them. and party party partyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

patricia said:

1:01 AM

this was a very stupid story,
my first highschool party was so fun! Even though it was a tad foggy, i can deffinitley remember the highlights of the night. all i have to say hunny is,

Luke M said:

6:24 PM

well i havent had many opportunities to go to parties. I’m a junior now and have only gone to about 4 since freshman year. I got wasted at one of them (Soph year in april) and i can tell you this it was an awesome feeling. Of course i did shit that i would NEVER DO sober, such as running into the neighbors house thinking it was my friends house who was having the party!

Fresh said:

6:45 PM

i dont know why anyone would go to parties if they didnt even like them. this is why your story is pointless. Since i actually have friends my first party i was invited to and i did ecstasy and drank a ton playing beer pong. i was hooking up with this girl and this kids mom came home and everyone left. me and 6 other kids slept at his house and fuckin had the greatest night of my life. you guys know nothing about partying..

cls said:

10:14 PM

My first high school party was awkward to say the least… I was actually invited and everything but I had no idea what to do!! with time I got the hang of it and now I find them all highly amusing, most of my friends get really drunk at them so I have tons of stories to torture them once they get back to this world. I’m not much of a drinker for the sole reason that parties, in my opinion, are way more fun if your entirely present in them! I don’t want to be the girl who looks calm then stands up and falls sideways, or the one who hugs the walls thinking there´s an earthquake! (like some I know!) ;D

J said:

4:07 PM

parties are not like that for me…if you got o lots of parties you will start to recognize and actually become frineds with the regualrs…parties where im from are quite fun and getting drunk is fun for me.

tracyTracy said:

1:31 PM

Well, I never had much fun at parties either. And then I got to college, and… it was the same. But one time it was different, and one time was enough. We’ve been dating for about a year now… don’t know what she sees in me. If you don’t play, you can’t win.

tracyTracy said:

1:31 PM

I went to a party with my older sister to see her friends. I knew no one and didn’t fit in. I didn’t want to follow my sister around the whole time so I picked a corner of the kitchen and stayed there. One of her friends saw me and decided I needed a drink to loosen me up. She gave me a brown concoction in a 16 oz disposable cup, likely a rum and coke but with her you never knew. It was probably fifty fifty alcohol and whatever. I drank 4/5 of it and then migrated to the dining room to sit at the table and tried to look very busy staring at the party snacks. A couple of people commented that she gave me too much, as I was sitting there unwilling to stand in case I looked like a moron that couldn’t handle alcohol. My sister finished her visiting and drove us home, snickering at me being drunk. When I got home my best friend called, wanting me to come over. When I told her I was drunk and couldn’t drive she jokingly said she was pissed that I got smashed without her. I sat in my room and finished reading my book, can’t remember what it was, then went to sleep.

To this day I do not see the point of going to parties.

savanna said:

1:20 PM

the first party i went to i got so drunk that i puked all over the place and myself… and i broke a sink!! and i said a bunch of embarrassing stuff to ppl.. i passed out and i woke up the next day and didnt rememebr a thing and didnt really rememebr where i was at..but it was all good… bc i had fun drining ..well the hang over was bad tho..it laste a whole day and it was real bad!!!!

tracyTracy said:

1:19 PM

The first Highschool party I went to was the first party I ever had alcohol. I drank so much and got sooooooo drunk that I ended up hooking up with a guy that was 6 years older than me. Even though I was totally sick to my stomach the next day when I found out what I had done it was still the best party ever!

maree said:

1:19 PM

I remember my first parties were a major source of humiliation for me. I only went because I didn’t want to look like a dag for not going. The guys were never interested in me, and I would spend my time standing around the supper table eating, because it at least looked like I was doing something, and if I wasn’t being chatted up or dancing, it was because I was having a supper break. I would then go and throw up as much of what I had eaten as I could, then have to go and lie down, because I would feel so ill after throwing up. I would leave as early as I could, knowing that people would talk negatively about me after I left, but at least I had been out socially on Friday or Saturday night, the nights when a single girl should be out partying, or spending time with the boyfriend, that I didn’t have. I do not remember enjoying even one of the parties that I went to.

The Witty Fish said:

1:16 PM

part II
Realizing that I had his car I took him to my house so he could spend the night. It took another 20 minutes to convince him that that he couldn’t spend the night in the car or my parents would suspect something. After realizing it’s of very little use to argue with a plastered drunk high on marijuana spitting on the floor because he’s nauseous (i hope i spelled that right). I got fully pissed off at him for making my go to the party in the first place and dragged his sorry ass to my door. At this time he was mildly coherent and swearing violently. I told him to shut up, unlocked the door, pulled him inside my room, and locked the door. Afterwards I listened for a moment to make sure my dad was still snoring and went into my room. I then told him to quit spitting on my floor and get changed for bed. He answered by passing out on my floor. I thought f*** it and tried to remember if you were supposed leave drunks passed out on their back or on their stomach. After a short deliberation I mentally shrugged and went to bed myself. Looking back I realized that I did have a good time though driving home like I did was very stupid on my part. To this day it was the best party I’ve been to (even if I can’t remember much of it)
Best regards,

The Wittyfish

The Wittyfish said:

1:06 PM

I liked your comic…it reminded me of the first party I went to. I was 15 and just got my permit my friend was 17 and had been driving for a year. We were supposed to just look for his brother and leave but one thing led to another and I got convinced that it wouldn’t be so bad just to have a few drinks (I had never drunk before). My parents had no idea where I was and thought that once my business had been done on the other side of town I’d head home, so I got to be ‘mr. paranoid who got’s to get home FAST!’. The hours inched on by and I’d realized that I was mentally dispatched on alchohol. My friend met up with some Mexican ‘thugs’ out back and had to smoke marijuana with them to show proper respect. The alchohol in his system and and the THC meeting with it didn’t end up on the best of terms so he ended up physically dispatched (not dead tho’ just acting like he was). He was really sick and couldn’t drive us home. Friends of his at the party tried to convince him to give them his keys so he wouldn’t drive. I just knew that I had to get home that night cause I was chicken afraid of what would happen if the folks found out.

yakov chodosh said:

1:06 PM

excellent comic. great use of ‘web site-style’ navigation to create the atmosphere of a bad party. i especially like the ‘tim’ section. and your endings are always perfect.

tracyTracy said:

1:05 PM

I haven’t been to many parties (I’m so unloved…boo hoo), but one constant is what I like to call the ‘Pulp Fiction Moment.’ Which usually involves me cleaning up vomit or moving a passed-out body, or consoling some faced girl who broke up with her boyfriend. Idiots. I need to get trashed some time, then THEY can look after ME. Sorry, I’m bitter. I just REALLY dislike cleaning up vomit

eileen said:

1:05 PM

Ok, I loved youre comic. You are very talented. I wish I knew how to do that kindof stuff. I read what people said about youre comics too. I think that the people who said it sucked are just jelous. You should keep up the good work. I loved youre Party one It is extreamly realistic! Me and my best friend are alot like you and Gail. I am only 4’11 and Brooke is 6ft! People make fun of us too. Well, I have to go now I thoink you are great at what you do!

chrissy said:

1:05 PM

i read your story about high school parties, and i have to say, i think it all just depends on where you come from. if you come from a semi-small school like me, (im a junior) then parties arent so bad. they can be kinda fun actually. sometimes people can be pretty stupid in high school though. people act like their petty little problems are really important–example: oh my god!! i cant believe it…he just walked right by me and didnt even say hi! im going to go into the bathroom and cry now with all my friends huddled around me comforting me. ( a little exaggerated, but you get the point). in onclusion (man it almost seems like im writing an essay or something) high school parties are pretty fun if you just make the best of them and dont let the stupid people bother you. later!! chrissy from troy, ohio

tracyTracy said:

1:04 PM

Hiya Tracey,
Your comic, ‘highschool parties’ was great, I’m English and it was nice to see another view on Parties from another country, people tend to think America and England are quite alike, but they are sooo wrong! Things are diiferent, but its great to see a point of view that wasn’t written by some stuffy 60 year old who has no idea about modern america anyway, your cool tracy!

tracyTracy said:

1:04 PM

um…i feell really sorry for your pathtic boring lives. that story you wrote was the stupidest story i have ever read. by the way i think that you should take linda V.’s advice.

tracyTracy said:

1:04 PM

I think that was about the most stupid thing ive ever seen. I mean i have no room to judge anyone but i mean it has never been like that for me and he** im not even popular or anythig. I mean i have freinds, but why try that hard to fit in somewhere its kinda stupid. i mean i dont really know how it feels but, thats really bad. well i dunno. i gotta go now. i just feel like it was a waist of my time. Sorry if i hurt your feelings, that wasnt my intention. Well i gotta go now

tracyTracy said:

1:03 PM


E. said:

12:56 PM

Wow! You are awesome… and i mean that! This just happens to be my summer before 10th grade, and so far high school parties are almost EXACTLY how you portrayed them. Wierdness… but um ‘go you!’ for being so cool!

Yours til jell-o,

lis said:

12:55 PM

i just wanted to let you know how much i liked ‘highschool parties.’ that’s excatly how me and my friends are. it was so good. thanx for writing it!

melissa d said:

12:55 PM

hey that story was really cool, i love going to parties and im usually one of the girls who is always in a conversation with people. but this lets people know what its like not to be in the circle. and i think that it might help those snotty girls respect the others a little bit more now that they know what it feels like.

anni said:

12:55 PM

I liked it. I just wasn’t really sure what the point was, not that it really needed it.I hope you keep on writing.

tracyTracy said:

12:54 PM

party in a summer night