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in orange

Wednesday 6:56 PM

tracyTracy says:

Hi LB Lee, I think people get orange or yellow because of vitamin deficiency. At least that was true in this case. Tracy

in orange

Saturday 11:24 PM

LB Lee says:

Hi! I do comics on mental health stuff too, though I mostly focus on multiple personality. I'm in ED recovery too. Weirdly, I'm actually relieved to read this comic, because nobody ever talks about the turning orange thing! (I turned yellow myself.) Does anyone know why it happens?

in High School Parties

Sunday 10:54 PM

Bryce says:

Any parties in bend oregon.

in Smoking

Monday 12:00 PM

Sharon says:

Me? Okay, this is different. I'm a 36 year old (MTF) pre-op transexual. I started smoking when I was 11 year old boy. Why? Because I wanted to be like my mom and she smoked. When I was 13, she gave me permission to dress like a girl and smoke like a woman. I guess you could say I'm just like my mom now.


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