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Sunday 10:54 PM

Bryce says:

Any parties in bend oregon.

in Smoking

Monday 12:00 PM

Sharon says:

Me? Okay, this is different. I'm a 36 year old (MTF) pre-op transexual. I started smoking when I was 11 year old boy. Why? Because I wanted to be like my mom and she smoked. When I was 13, she gave me permission to dress like a girl and smoke like a woman. I guess you could say I'm just like my mom now.

in High School Parties

Monday 4:03 PM

tracyTracy says:

Hey Kaleigh, House parties can be tricky. my experience was always that they happen at the home of someone who had parents that were away. there were always things that happened, lets just say it was a good they weren't at my house. anyway, while happy to give advice in general. i need to take a pass on giving out specific party suggestions. -Tracy

in High School Parties

Monday 3:48 PM

tracyTracy says:

Hi Random, it's hard to go with lots of homework, but not impossible. no one should have to do homework all the time, although sometimes it may mean that the next day you have to stay up a little later or get up a little earlier to finish stuff. my guess is the fact that you are even trying to figure it out, are thinking about how to balance the two, means you will find a way that works best for you. -tracy

in High School Parties

Sunday 11:31 PM

Random says:

I'm A freshmen and starting school Gr. 9 on Tuesday and I was wondering how do you go to parties if you have a lot of homework?


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