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Monday 12:02 AM says:

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Sunday 9:03 PM

Jack Damrath says:

Well, I think I'm going to divide this comment or post into two sections. First, my response to your story: I was INSANELY scared about what would happen to you and Mike. I read your book, and I knew that at some point the two of you would break up. How the hell ELSE would you be with that asshole in the book?... sorry, I can't remember his name... ya know, cause I'm a genius. I'm really glad the two of you are still friends, though... Okay, so now my story. This still has to be one of the most defining moments in my life, but not in the way that I THOUGHT it would be. I was REALLY good friends with this girl I met in an Anime con called AMA. She said her name was Lizzy. I always liked that name. We started to feel for each other. EXTREMELY deeply. I felt like I could share all my secrets with her. Of course, as fate so often has it, she lived all the way in Virginia Beach. Me? Chesterfield. Anyways, she ended up going to a college in Virginia Beach where she met a boy named Jarrod. They started dating. We were understandably disappointed that it wouldn't work out, but we remained great friends... then it happened... Jarrod turned out to be one of the worst boyfriends she'd ever had. He raped her... got her pregnant... I don't know exactly why, but she decided to keep the baby. Later on, in the next AMA, we saw each other again. We started to hang out that day. I told her that I wanted to show her this video I found called "There She Is". We went back to my hotel room, and then she started to... kiss me... finally, she grabbed my face and... well, yeah. You can see where this is going. In my head, what I was thinking was basically this. "Okay, we're kissing, we aren't gonna go far... Okay, we're going kinda far, but it isn't escalate to that... okay, it did... but it won't go to THA- HOLY SHIT, IT'S GOING THERE!!!" But... this wasn't even the weirdest part... afterwards, I felt more awkward than I did fulfilled... Everything felt more like a dream... like how I couldn't remember all of it, mostly just a few small specific parts or the big picture... a trailer rather than a movie, so to speak. Maybe it's different for girls. Maybe it isn't. The most I know is that I felt like I should try and help her from any dangers ahead. She got me through my first time. I love her... it seems perfect to me... Well, thank you for reading... it means a lot to me.

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Sunday 9:00 AM

royal Ecigs says:

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Sunday 5:59 AM says:

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Tuesday 1:11 PM

tracyTracy says:

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