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Work continues

Albeit slowly on the new book. Been having LOTS of problems with my drawing arm.

Columbia School of Narrative Medicine

Writing workshop
April 04, 2014


A note to say I’ve been busy writing and rewriting. Working on the new book. It’s taking longer than I expected. On the plus side for procrastination I wrote a new web comic which I’m drawing. So hopefully something new sometime this Summer.

And at last an update

Hi…so an update

first two books have come out with my work in them:

1. Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves
I have an original comic in this anthology. There are several comics in there and many great letters.

2. Comics Sketchbooks: The Private Worlds of Today’s Most Creative Talents
For anyone interested (me!) in how people work. There are LOTS of peeks into people’s notebooks and short blurbs about their thought processes…and mine.

This site is getting redesigned — mostly behind the scenes but there may be some visual changes too.


i am hard at work on a new web comic, working with a programming friend on it. Very excited. progress updates are mostly found
on facebook or twitter. Whichever you prefer.

Brooklyn Book Festival

Sunday Sept 23
Brooklyn Borough Hall Conference Room

3:00 P.M. Creating Comics from Life. A comics workshop led by Tracy White (How I Made it to Eighteen). Using a short writing exercise, teens will compose a four panel comic based on an incident from their past. Ages 12 and up.

This workshop is what I did when I started How I Made it to Eighteen, and is the exercise I use when writing most of my web comics or other comics.


  • Aoril 04 2014

    New York

    Columbia School of Narrative Medicine

    Writing Workshop

    Friday, April 03 at 1:00

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    Send email queries to info @

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